“Mass Vendetta” the new album by The Senton Bombs on release April 15th 2016  7Hard Records UK Management Holier Than Thou Records

“Mass Vendetta” the new album by The Senton Bombs on release April 15th 2016 7Hard Records UK Management Holier Than Thou Records

The Senton Bombs live pic Holier Than Thou Records

“Imagine the melodic energy of ‘Aerosmith’ combined with the sneering audacity of ‘ The Clash’ to get an idea of this band

The Senton Bombs are a punk rock & roll band from Blackpool in the UK on STP Records. Regulars on the live-circuit, the band has amassed numerous admirers of their high octane live shows, explosive recordings and distinct rock sound.

The Bombs style combines a variety of influences producing a hybrid
rock sound, overlapping many genres. Fret-melting guitar-work, heavy beats and infectious vocal melodies have become a hallmarks of the Bombs music.

A ceaseless gig schedule and a continuous stream of quality new material has earned the band an ever-growing army of followers, as well as near unanimous praise within the music industry.


“A hard-rocking, beer-swilling, floor filling, sh*t-kicking slice of rock.”
Tony Wilson, Total Rock

“A mix of the Ramones and the Almighty with a fair dash of Guns N Roses (when they were good), a quality of slice of hard rock that is gritty yet melodic.”
Alan Holloway, Rocktopia

“Rough charm and grime galore, somewhat of a brilliance.”
Steve Swift, Powerplay Magazine

“This is Monster Magnet & Buckcherry somewhere in the dirty back streets.”
Tom Chapman, Mass Movement Magazine

“The melodic energy of Aerosmith combined with the sneering audacity of The Clash.”
Metal Is Religion

“A high-octane blend of punk infused, filthy rock & roll.”
Darrell Sutton, Uber Rock

“If you want a dose of hard hitting,
strutting rock n’ roll, you’ve come to the right place, now pump the air
and hail the new kings of rock I give you The Senton Bombs!!!
Rhythm & Booze

“The future of rock & roll may well be in the hands of The Senton Bombs.”
Rock of Ages

“Like the bastard son of the backyard Babies & Social Distortion.”
TBFM Magazine

“Churning out music and lyrics of this quality the Senton bombs are definately one to listen out for, amazing.”
Planet Mosh

“Strikes hard and fast and leaves a scorch mark on the senses, superb. A class act.”
Fungal Punk

“Offering a thrilling incendiary of punk infused rock & roll, an insatiable irrepressible triumph”
Ringmaster Reviews

“Rock that oozes a filthy raw sound, the bands versatility is showcased perfectly.”
Road Dogg Reviews

2014 Album Release “Chapter Zero”
includes “Darkest Horse” and “Nothing Quite Like This”


The Senton Bombs Live

Mass Vendetta Out April 15th
7Hard Records
UK Management Holier Than Thou

The Senton Bombs Mass Vendetta
If you read any little titbit or review about The Senton Bombs, you’d read comparisons mentioned such as Backyard Babies coupled with Social Distortion, Monster Magnet coupled with Buckcherry, AC/DC and early Aerosmith. Now can any band really live up to those bands and expectations?
In the case of Blackpool’s very own ‘Bombs, the answer is unmistakably YES.

And do you know what? My instant reaction was “Fuck me, someone has actually managed to capture the swagger of The Sea Hags at last.” The attitude and cool licks will appease all those people that were so disappointed with the last Backyard Babies album (and I’m pretty certain that there were many) as well as pleasing any fan interested in gritty, classic rock ‘n’ roll done with a beer swilling, charming smile that hides a glimmer of grime beneath it.

Let’s start at the beginning though, this isn’t a run through of bands that have been before. Yes, it may have influences running high and they’re not reinventing the wheel – BUT when the opening track is as great as ‘Trailblazer’ then you cannot help but get carried away. The vocals of Joey Class aid the Sea Hags nod but together with the backline and dirty, street urchin guitar work of Damien Kage this band are alive and ready for action. ‘Mainstream’ instantly toes the same line and I can feel my long lost youthful sneer appear on my smug face as the music courses through my veins and the volume instantly gets turned up another notch as the power the band are creating is simply just great, great rock ‘n’ roll that you need in your life.

“Who doesn’t love a train wreck?” they ask in the song of the same name (‘Train Wreck’) – well, I guess we all do, but this song is far from a train wreck. It’s a non-stop, fist pumping annihilation of excess RnR like most of this album. The title track (‘Mass Vendetta’) is another quick-fire raid on your senses with added guitar solo for those missing out on that old skool classic feeling. With not even half of the album gone, you’ll know that this band and album will be around for a while in your life. ‘13 Days’, ‘Pretty Tricky’ and final track ‘Apex’ are more great examples of what exactly this band can achieve and it’s much more than solid.

When The Bombs do change tact slightly, such as on the track ‘Avalanche’, you realise that they are more mature than a band simply ripping off the classic “fuck, fight and riff until your dead” blueprint. They display a slice of ability and sophistication that should have made this band a bigger name than they are on this, their 4th album. Add the track ‘Out West’ to that thought process as they prove that they can really change up (or down) their sound when they need and want to produce songs that are not their obvious, first identity.

I can’t vouch for their previous material but if it’s anything remotely as good as this album then the UK really can be proud of a band as great as The Senton Bombs and while the current trend for loving imports such as Biters shows no signs of slowing down, I hope that this home grown band can grab the same amount of attention.

Scrunch up that GN’R reunion ticket, the past is present right here. At the very least, you need to give them enough love to click this link. You’ll not be disappointed.
uberrock.co.uk (March 2016)


January 2016 single release “Trailblazer”
Label 7Hard
UK Management Holier Than Thou

I’ve seen these guys compared to everyone from Aerosmith & Buckcherry to Ramones & The Clash, but the bottom line is if TotalRock’s Tony Wilson likes these guys then you know they are worth checking out Hard Rock Nights


November 2015 single release “Mainstream”


August 2015 “Phantom High”
includes the single “Lights over Phoenix”
oted best EP 2015 from the TBFM awards.

Black Chariot rolls in off the Senton Bombs latest E.P. release Phantom High. Described as a classic tale of “a man’s soul versus the power of evil forces”, the song tells the story of a sinister figure arriving at a bar and challenging his chosen victim to sing for their life; reminiscent of “Devil Goes Down To Georgia” but with much darker and brooding undertones. Set to a haunting Southern rock style, best described as a “blues rock spawned prowl”, Black Chariot takes the listener on an emotive journey through a chilling narrative to a tragic climax.

Review Quotes:

“The band has produced another epic tune, welcome to the world ‘Black Chariot‘. A chill runs down my spine as they again get me hand clapping, foot tapping and swaying. Joey manages to sound different vocally as we have yet another country tinged rock epic with a beautiful passion filled guitar solo. It’s another lyrical masterpiece, simply a charmingly wonderful song.”
TBFM Magazine *****

“The dusty, leather chapped, cowboy boots, moustaches soaked in whiskey and smoke curling from the cigarette in the corner of the mouth all swirl from the atmosphere of this song, with a great story told by the lyrics.”
Studs & Punx

“A scorched and westernised drawl of cool assed standards with the coming of ‘Black Chariot’ and all its emotive triumph. Vocally superb and musically exact, so perfect for the style sought. I find myself loving this song more and more with each rotation and feel for the victim, get more involved and more appreciative of the delicacies included. The power smashes, the gentle string work, the backing murmurs, the narrative methodology – fuck yeah!”

“A blues rock spawned prowl, employing more classic and southern rock flavouring than anything they have bred before. The vocals are impressive, cleaner and clearer than those usually offered by Class and just as compelling.”
Ringmaster Review

“The drums are simple, sedate, yet sublime and the power and energy invested in each strike more than makes up for any lack of pace. The guitars play off each other nicely and the solo is simple, from the soul and fits so well. Lyrically this is typical blues territory – a man’s soul versus the power of evil forces. Reminds me in a way of the “Devil Goes Down to Georgia” although in this version the ending has a reality update and the devil rides off in to the night with his prize!”
Moose Man Reviews

“Nothing really displays the Senton Bombs crossover style better than the stand out track ‘Black Chariot’, as bassist and lead vocalist Joey Class pitches his voice perfectly into this dark epic which contains the lyric line ‘Soon I’ll be singing from the grave’ displaying a depth of conviction and self belief only achieved by musicians who are totally immersed in the pathos of their music.”
Rock In The Blues