New single by Zoo Me Now  “What Is Done Is Done”

New single by Zoo Me Now “What Is Done Is Done”

New single release
“What Is Done Is Done”

June 2015 single release “Alone”

“It’s a solid track, the guitar work brilliantly blends various effects without you even noticing them and the vocal performance is varied enough that it doesn’t become samey, yet not overly complicated to make it a drag to listen to. It all sits very well in my ears and i can listen to the track multiple times” Noizze

ZOO ME NOW was formed 19th of March 2013. The band has played 70 + concerts in a wide range of smaller Danish festivals and venues, celebrated their debut EP in a packed venue (High Voltage), and been involved in several arrangements by ORA (Danish music interest group) leading to valuable feedback and compliments by established national artists, professionals of many branches, including photographers, booking and management agents. Likewise, the Danish brewery Royal Unibrew has on multiple occasions sponsored ZOO ME NOW for special activities such as two release parties, an exclusive showcase and the winner of “Rock battle”, with following major radio airplay.
Zoo Me Now are:
Kim Burmeister: Vocal/Guitar
Sammy Soul: Drums
Marco Marczyschewski: Bass

“We believe that everyone is best served by doing what they like and just do the best they can. ZOO ME NOW is all in all about being yourself and living out your abilities. That’s our force and our main focus. We want to have free creative choices regarding our music and live shows. At every live show our primal nature is set free.

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Die For Me

ZOO ME NOW Live sample @ High Voltage

2015 EP release “High on Speed”

Zoo Me Now HighOnSpeed

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