The new single from Dark Sky Park will be out early 2017 Feat: Lasse Wellander (Guitarist with ABBA)

The new single from Dark Sky Park will be out early 2017 Feat: Lasse Wellander (Guitarist with ABBA)

By echoing luminaries such as Royal Blood and Queens of the Stone Age, taking a helping of Black Sabbath and a nod from Ziggy Stardust, Sheffield’s Dark Sky Park were formed in 2013 and are quickly gaining a reputation for doing things a little differently. With a keen affection for brooding atmospherics, heavy stoner-esque vibes and hooky vocal lines, Dark Sky Park boast a sound that is engulfing and packed with groove and raw power. The band are wooing audiences throughout the North since their inception. With consecutive single release promotion ongoing through 2017 we are now booking shows to coincide with the radio promotion and PR.
Dark Sky Park Holier Than Thou Records

From left to right
Ainsley Stones – Guitars
Ains is a guitar nerd and music writing nerd. He has more guitars than brain cells arguably (at least 15) and even gives them pet names, silly boy. He’s been in a huge variety of bands since he was a nipper and can happily baffle a listener with anything from Metal to Country to Jazz. In his spare time he enjoys posing about in his Kermit-green 1975 Ford Cortina, cuddling dogs and eating pizza. Not a bad life, he reckons.

Debbie Bilson – Vocals/Bassist
The girl with the sexy voice and more than ample cleavage is a true original. Everyone notices when she enters the room. It might be the cool Mediterranean looks, the booming laugh or the expressive, silly face. It might even be the sarcasm and dark humour borne out of working as an Intensive Care nurse. No-one quite knows. Whatever the reasons, these happy co-incidences make her an amazing front-person.

Hannah Jasper – Drums
Close security guard, mad-keen footballer and fabulous drummer. How does Hannah fit it all in? Hailing from Devon, She is DSP’s newest member and probably the most frightening. Just kidding. If you like your musicians friendly, funny and unpretentious, she’s definitely one to talk to. Just don’t mess with her, or there might be a sliding tackle coming your way.

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Single release 2016
“Russian Doll”

“Follow Me” (EP 2016)

Dark Sky Park Follow Me EP

“…burrows itself deep into your pores with its unshakeable hypnotic groove which calls to mind both ‘Queens Of The Stone Age”
Creation Press [full review]
“..infectiousness and warm harmonies, these aligned to increasingly steely textures from Stones. It is contagious stuff..”
Ringmaster Reviews [full review]
“..Dark Sky Park are a breath of fresh air…they have created a sound that is unique..”
Ramzine [full review]
“..There is a good display of vocal range, with some high note and layered harmonies in the chorus. The chord based and distorted guitar solo just adds to the creepy sound, which really just lives up to the bands name..”
Mosh HitTheFloor [full review]
“..Kudos to Dark Sky Park for creating a consistent and good E.P. Great song-writing with great potential.”
Midlands Rocks [full review]

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