‘Mindfield’ the debut album by Torous out now!  “fantastic album .. I haven’t felt this excited by new metal music for many years..” Real Rock and Roll Magazine

‘Mindfield’ the debut album by Torous out now! “fantastic album .. I haven’t felt this excited by new metal music for many years..” Real Rock and Roll Magazine

Torous offer a creative blend of Celtic Rock and Metal crossover. Established in April 2014, the band have Toured the UK several times and supported acts such as, Rival State, Evil Scarecrow and Diamond Head. Torous produce intense addictive melodies with progressive dark subject matter.

The band are: Marc Malone (Vocals/Guitar), GMT (Bass) and Tom Fenn (Drums). Torous signed to HTT in May 2016. For fans of alternative Celtic folk and prog metal. Specifically, for anyone in search of something new and obscure. Will also appeal to fans of mystical, Fey, Pagan and other specialty rock genres.

A British three piece coming from Birmingham this time. Formed in 2014, the band’s blend of Celtic folk/hard rock with heavy metal flavouring has seen plaudits coming its way through a live presence which has seen them support the likes of Rival State, Evil Scarecrow, and Diamond Head, and a sound as evidenced by COLOURS which gets under the skin. The single is a blend of familiar textures and an openly stirring individuality which still feels like it is in the honing. From the rousing rhythms of drummer Tom Fenn and the prowling lines of bassist GMT to the spicy grooves of guitarist Marc Malone, the song stalks and entices with the latter’s dusty vocals straddling all with engaging expression and texture.

It is a song which grows and impresses more with every listen, revealing just why locally the band is eagerly followed and the national scene is beginning to pay proper attention.After a successful touring regimen, emerging Celtic Heavy Metal band Torous celebrate the release of their debut album ‘Mindfield’ at the 02 Academy3 Birmingham April 22. The first single to be taken from the album is entitled ‘I Am’ due for release later this month.




October 2016 single release

September 2016 single release
“God Game Suicide”

‘Mindfield’ debut album released May 5th
‘Celtic Folk/Prog’ Rock undertones & practically dreamlike lead breaks,  these guys will go far! . one hell of an album!’ Way Out Radio

 “fantastic album .. I haven’t felt this excited by new metal music for many years. Real Rock and Roll Magazine
Mindfield by Torous Holier Than Thou Records

Single release
“I Am on release 31/03/17

Torous single release I Am Holier Than Thou Records

2015 EP release “Dried Bones”

Celtic rock and metal band


“…brilliant little EP and you simply can’t afford to take your ears or mind away from it for fear of missing one single creative moment. Each song on the EP captures an abundance of collective originalities that are fearless within their own presentation and the first track on the EP”
Music 224 [full review]

“Hands down, EP of the month. Birmingham outfit Torous release a blind five track EP with a smart mix of styles.. They are heavy as hell when they want to be but the Celtic edge just makes you bow down and worship their creativity” Ryans Gig Guide [full review]

“The local lads are really becoming a formidable live act. Promise has turned into actual bonafides recently with the release of the “Dried Bones” EP, and their new set is heavy on its excellent material. The closing epic of “Don’t Slip” is destined to become very special indeed. A bit like the band themselves then, surely” Maximum Volume [full review]

“Torous are creating a new inventive form of genre” The Derby Telegraph.


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