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Holier Than Thou Records launched  in 1995 with a double page spread in the Kerrang magazine and various featured cover-mounts in Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Rock Sound. Initially working as a booking agent arranging gigs UK wide including live showcases at Rock City Nottingham, The Marque and LA2 London King Tuts Glasgow. We now represent dynamic genre of rock and alternative artists, please see our release history below.

Promotion and release highlights include: Johnny Wore Black and David Ellefson (Megadeath)  Uli Jon Roth ( Scorpions), Trevor Bolder (Uriah Heep & Bowies Spiders from Mars) Stevie Jones (UK Subs), Never The Bride, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, JOANovARC (all girl rock band Xbox 360 notoriety with 3 tracks on Rock Band), NG26 (Rich Shaw now with Cradle of Filth), Super Super (Cheap Tricks main touring band), ClassX (Canada) and Aggressive Chill (reaching number 2 in the  Swedish iTunes charts). Live support promotions with Motorhead, Him, Feeder, Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions) One Minute Silence, The Dust Coda

Holier Than Thou Records
c/o HTT Music Publishing PRS and PPL (UK) and Sound Exchange USA

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Release & Promotional History (Listed A to Z)

National Media Support Kerrang
“Hold My Breath” September 2013
“Before My Breath Hold Me Down” March 2014
Holier Than Thou UK Respectable Artists US, Rambo/Sony Netherlands
Reached no2 in the Netherlands iTunes chart

CLASSX (Canada signed to Respectable (US)
“Something To Look Forward To” November 2013
US single Holier Than Thou Respectable Artists
CBS Radio US national radio, Coca Cola licensed for advert.
National Media Support Tom Robinson BBC6

What Can I Do (single 2017)
‘…Thunderous fast paced songs demonstrating their full on approach to a sonic rock songwriting’ Scene Sussex
‘..one of the most gloriously, upbeat rock numbers that I have heard in a hell of a long time!… And the singer, who has such a powerful voice (when required), really knows how to lead this band!’ Way Out Radio (UK)
‘Loving the fuzzy guitars and boingy bass’ BBC Introducing
‘fierce and aggressive with raspy intense vocals……dynamic and different than anything I’ve heard recently’ Divide and Conquer Music
‘Addictive hard rock a real Sundae treat’ Pure Gain Media
‘If you like good hard rock a splash of punk tied together in metal you’ll love this band’ TrackPlaylist

‘Henrietta’ EP 2018
Punchy attitude hits you hard. The pop of crunchy bass chords brings defiance needed to get over a lover whilst the grungy echoes pacify this harsh piece providing comfort not only to the rhythm but to Henrietta. Yet, a distorted guitar solo just adds to the creepy and self-remorseful sound. Light and shade are executed well through the band’s conviction to create an empowering track that contemplates the emotions behind the end of a relationship ……. The power Henrietta is solid and sultry. Contrary to much modern rock, you will find some hefty guitar solos with a guitar line leads backing a short yet provoking message.’ RGM Press
“….Loving what this band do” Way Out Radio
“…burrows itself deep into your pores with its unshakeable hypnotic groove which calls to mind both ‘Queens Of The Stone Age”
Creation Press
“..infectiousness and warm harmonies, these aligned to increasingly steely textures from Stones. It is contagious stuff..”Ringmaster Reviews
“..Dark Sky Park are a breath of fresh air…they have created a sound that is unique..”Ramzine
“..There is a good display of vocal range, with some high note and layered harmonies in the chorus. The chord based and distorted guitar solo just adds to the creepy sound, which really just lives up to the bands name..” Mosh HitTheFloor
“..Kudos to Dark Sky Park for creating a consistent and good E.P. Great song-writing with great potential.” Midlands Rocks
‘This band just keep getting better & better! … I love the way that, although the guitars, bass & drums intertwine magnificently – producing a really fantastic rhythm/beat & lead focus – “Henrietta” belongs to Debbie on vocals! … She has a supreme talent that allows her to keep the instruments in the band in check! … I am simply amazed at the sound Dark Sky Park can now achieve!’ Way Out Radio (UK)

DREAMSPHERE International alt-metal band originating from Ljubljana-Slovenia
“No Fear” April 2016 single release
“The Darkest Experience” album release April 2016.
2016 Russian tour promotion.
They’ve taken on a different path and the first album from them titled The Darkest Experience brings with it some groove laden soundscaping complimented by anger and maudlin, while an impassioned polemic draws a powerful spell through their haunting cadences. Soundscape Magazine
“Beautifully dark symphonic & electronic mix”
Pure Gain Media

Heidi Jo Hines, singer, songwriter and guitarist and daughter of Denny Laine (Paul McCartney Wings) and Jo Jo Hines .
Respectable Records (US) Holier Than Thou (UK) 2014

“Raping The Reverie ” single release 2008
“Dont Swallow” Album
National Media Support Kerrang
The Anglo-Irish quartet who make up Exoterik are united by their determination and desire to create hard-edged music without resorting to the tired clichés prevalent in female-fronted rock. Spurning the OTT tendencies of their symphonic metal peers and the sickly sweet derivativeness of pop-rockers, Exoterik create a heady mix of stomping, energetic riffage and ethereal beauty inviting their audiences to join in their cathartic reflections on human nature. Realising the recent changes that the power of the internet has brought to the music industry, Exoterik have retained all copyrights and ownerships of their material, ultimately making them a self-sufficient, self-promoting band on the cusp of this new digital age. Emerging on the scene in late 2003 and spurning a line-up change in 2005, Exoterik toured venues up and down the UK, delivering their music and showcasing their high-powered performances. 2005 saw Exoterik play Gig In The Park, Suffolk followed in 2006 by supporting Epica at Bradford Rio’s as well as performing on the Rock Sound stage at Guilfest two years running with the likes of Therapy? and Reuben amongst others. The band travelled to Finland in late 2006 to record three tracks before venturing to Latvia in the summer of 2007 to record their début album with the multi-platinum producer John Fryefamous for producing the HIM album ‘Razorblade Romance’ in 2000 as well as producing and mixing for artists such as; Cradle of Filth, Cocteau Twins, Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode). The forth-coming album, entitled ‘Don’t Swallow’, is pending a 2008 release date after being mastered by Red Room Studios in Norway.

Raping The Reverie: a deep, powerful lead female vocal, hard but not too hard riffing, and with a slow and purposeful feel about it. Are You Alive goes more for the jugular wiith, after a grinding intro, a higher tempo at which it firmly stays. It’s the more distinctive song of the two, providing an interesting, more textured bridge section CUR1350 Radio Cambridge University

Anneka’s voice is top notch, Raping … is the better of the 2 tracks, a band with huge potential
Blast 1836 Radio Reading University

Raping The Reverie (Single Edit). Atmospheric opening before initial power chords kick in forcefully.Song overall follows the quiet verse, loud chorus format but with a swagger and confidence that lifts it way above the generic. Crystal clear production probably has something to do with this, although the main reason has to be the level of musicianship and quality of the vocals. The bridge section works particularly well, carrying on the Eastern influence, and is reminiscent of “Kashmir”.

This is a well structured song with good dynamics and should work well live. Are You Alive? Current single. Quality opening riff, very catchy. The underlying groove of the song, topped off with the great vocals, will make this one very popular live, especially as the chorus has a great hook. Production is superb, guitars are crisp, drums (especially the snare) sound good and the vocals are strong and clear.Millennium of Blood

This double ‘A’ side EP released on the ‘Holier Than Thou’ label starts with some ethereal keyboard noise in the background while the lead singer Anneka Latta serenades. You wonder what direction this band is looking to go in until the guitars and drums explode into life with gusto. This mournful sound, combined with the clarity of the lyrics, combine and make a strong offering. ethereal keyboard and vocal combo is a running theme throughout the song, with the heaviest instruments saved for the chorus. Latta sings with sorrow and heart but you do feel that there is a limited range that her vocals could excel at – although this is definitely within her range. The instrumental halfway through the song is so deep and slow that you can see this really be the song of choice for people in despair. The lyrics speak of the humbling of someone with a broken heart, thrown down into despair with a broken heart.The single is nice and long so has time to fit a lot of different things in – at about 5:00, another instrumental goes on and the backing transcendence of the despairing Latta on keyboard really captures the mood of darkness. The song ends in this vein, a keyboard whine fading out. The second bonus single taken from their new album ‘Don’t Swallow’ (you wonder how much of a influence Latta had on the album title… hopefully she remained friends with whatever member of the band gave her this idea..) is titled ‘Are you Alive’ and starts with a much more up pace beat and riffery. Anneka has to now change her style slightly to a more fast paced growling style of vocals. The drumming in this song is exceptional and Steve Riley ties the song together with the prodigal skill he expresses. The keyboard use in this single is limited and I feel all the better for it.. even though it’s always there in the background, more impetus is put on the awesome drumming and the flowing bass line of Davey Parry. The chorus really brings out an animalistic sound in Latta and she takes up the role of the manic seamstress with an excellent performance here. Both of these singles definitely have the potential to be brilliantly received by a fan base well into the melodic unhappiness Latta puts into her voice and it’s my hope that we see their forthcoming album out soon – 2008 is the year they’ve set and we’re more or less running out of months! This band have made an excellent effort and we can only wait for more. Rock 3 Radio

Raping the Reverie- A very stately and assured crunching wave of metal. The vocals are stunning; the whole song is a little unexpected. We have some metal and goth shows that will love this! Kube Radio University Of Stafford

“Back Bone” album release 1997
Feisty rap metal in the One Minute Silence Vein, the productions great, the songs are good and there’s a cool hip hop flavor”
Hailing from Portsmouth, UK fat B.A.B.E was one of the first and foremost rap metal bands to hit the UK scene.Metal Hammer
Formed by long time friends Mark and Steve back in early 1991/2, using a drum machine they started writing tunes that would soon change the Metal scene in Portsmouth. Not long after Mark and Steve started jamming in Marks front room they had a knock on the door. But instead of a neighbor complaining it was a neighbor (Rob) asking if he could come in and listen. After 15 minutes Rob was singing over the top of the music they were playing and fat B.A.B.E was formed.

Not long after they recorded their first demo ‘Gullible’ which featured an impressive picture of Steve’s stomach along with some impressive sounding tunes. A couple of the songs featured on this were ‘You said’ and ‘Shreds’ which would later appear on fat B.A.B.E’s debut album ‘GET A LIFE’.

In early 1993 the band decided that they wanted a real drummer. After much looking and auditions Mark saw an advert in the free ads, it was an ad from a drummer asking for some musicians to form a metal band that was fresh and exciting. Mark called the drummer straight away and spoke to Louis for the first time. After a long and excitable phone call they arranged a jam and Mark brought a demo over so Louis could listen to their songs.

The next week arrived and Louis met Mark, Steve and Rob for the first time at the jamming studio. By the end of the first song they offered Louis the job and by the time they packed up they were playing two songs of the demo along with a brand new song called ‘Out of Control’.

fat B.A.B.E were entered into the prestigious battle of the bands competition at The Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth. Before fat B.A.B.E went on they carried Louis’ massive rack mounted kit onto the stage. This confused a lot of people as soon afterwards they started their set with only the drum machine kicking into the first tune. Three tunes later Rob announced that they had someone they wanted to bring on stage and from the side of the stage appeared Louis and they played the three tunes they had played together the week before. fat B.A.B.E went on to appear in the grand final of the competition playing to over 400 people and only just missing out to another up and coming band called the ‘Passion Killers’.

In 1994 fat B.A.B.E once again decided to hit the studio and record their first album ‘GET A LIFE’. Whilst recording this fat B.A.B.E was lucky enough to open for ‘Headswim’ who had just played ‘The Monsters of Rock’ at Donnington. This was the start of many opening slots for big touring bands who traveled to Portsmouth, one of the other bands was ‘A’. Having impressed both bands fat B.A.B.E were asked by the bands themselves to open for them again on later tours. fat B.A.B.E also put on their own successful CD launch party at the Wedgewood Rooms.

Also during this time fat B.A.B.E covered a song by a new girl band called ‘The Spice Girls’. This song created a massive hype. It was being played at rock discos up and down the country and it wasn’t long before Virgin records wanted to release it as a single. With all the hype in place and a string of national radio and press interviews fat B.A.B.E were due to play live their cover of ‘Wannabe’ on Chris Evans TFI Friday to celebrate the signing of their single deal. Just as fat B.A.B.E were going to leave for London they recieved a call from none other than Simon Fuller’s lawyer stating that if we went through with the single and the appearance that we would be sued. As four local lads with not much money they decided to wimp out and cancelled their appearance on TFI Friday….

A year passed and after a lot of hard work and constant gigging all over the country fat B.A.B.E were snapped up by record label ‘Holier than thou Records’. Returning to the studio in 1995 they meet Jonny ‘Rocks’ Mitchell of ‘The Outhouse Studios’ in Reading and began recording what would be their last album titled ‘Backbone’. This album featured a new evolved sound which would see keyboards and an awesome DJ scratching his way through ‘Hype the feeling’ to great effect. The launch party at the Wedgewood Rooms for ‘Backbone’ to their surprise was a sell out and it was the first of five shows that fat B.A.B.E did sell out there.

In 2000 Louis decided to concentrate on his new band ‘Boredline’ and parted ways with fat B.A.B.E. With the rest of the guys not wanting to call it a day, D-boy who was a friend of the band was asked to take up the drum position. fat B.A.B.E continued to play gigs and write songs.

fat B.A.B.E eventually called it a day after 10 long and very exciting years, all the guys who were involved with fat B.A.B.E are life long friends.

Mark, Steve and D-boy went on to form MOFO. Louis and Rob formed a Rage against the Machine tribute who now features Rich from fat B.A.B.E on Bass. We hope you enjoyed the shortened version of events over the time we spent together along with a small selection of the many tunes and photos.

“Inspirita” album release release 2007
Well it’s not often you get the opportunity to review a release from a rock/metal band from Croatia and I’m not sure what I was expecting to be fair, having no real frame of reference other than the Eurovision Song Contest for acts from that part of the world, which is hardly the ideal preparation !!! The first thing that strikes you is the quality of the English of vocalist Mihael Prosen – I think anyone would be pretty hard pressed to realise he is not singing in his native language, which is often a giveaway for many mainland European acts. Style-wise we are talking about the alternative scene, with obvious influences of the likes of Alice In Chains particularly prevalent. This promo release contains the opening two tracks, “Cynosure” and “Machina” from their debut full-length album Inspirita. I was really impressed by the former, certainly preferring it over the more staccato rhythm of the latter, but both tracks were pretty decent if you’re into this particular rock format. Over the last couple of years, Father have played alongside the likes of Anthrax, Max Cavalera, Henry Rollins, Sisters Of Mercy, The Hives as well as the prestigious Lollapalooza Festival. You can see by the quality of the company they keep that Father are a band on the rise on a more international stage, as well as enjoying mass airplay in their native Croatia. The band start their first UK tour (in fact their very first tour outside of their homeland) on 18th October and you could do a lot worse than spend an evening in their company. Hardrockhouse.com

“Tool with the moody pretension replaced by Every Time I Die’s unpredictability. Disturbed with System Of A Down’s sense of sharp, syncopated rhythms and Max Cavalera’s ear for ethnic sounds and rhythms.” Metal Hammer

Progressive Metal 5 piece, Father from the coastal town of Rijeka in Croatia (that’s Eastern Europe for those who weren’t awake in Geography Class), are a band who wear their influences on their sleeves but mixing them in a way that is quite refreshing in the current metal scene. On first listen Inspirita is quite standard metal but after a time their slow burning and dirty sounding grunge metal straight out of the Alice In Chains back catalogue can strike you with some complex and creative sounds. Techno beats and drums accompany driving riffs and hooks, showing that this is a band that have learnt their craft and know how to wield it especially in stand out track and single ‘Emon’. After 5 years of touring with bands including Anthrax and Madball, Father have developed and grown to a level where they have gained a cult fan base across Europe and in the UK, and with a supporting slot to Korn in their homeland coming up in early July followed by a 13 date UK tour their growth can only continue.Tasty Fanzine

“Rite Of Refusal” lbum release 2005
“This band won their regional “battle of the bands” contest, went to the national and won it for all the UK, went on to Europe, and placed in the top 13. The band flew over to the USA to record in the home studio of Tim Bushong (Lovewar, Channelsurfers The outcome is quite solid sounding, capturing the aggression you want from a nu-metal or raprock band. And like their big brothers across the ocean, Gen has crafted many songs and moods that stretch beyond the simple raprock formula of hip hop vocals over straight up crunchy riffs. The P.O.D. Satellite (and specifically Marcos Curiel’s guitar tone) influence is strong and undeniable, but I’ve got to admit I really like many of these songs. “Dead To The World” is a standout track and a perfect example of the fore-mentioned sound. The tune only suffers from a tired chorus. A nice step up for this band. “Hinting @ Nothing” is one of their earlier tunes that received a facelift that broadens its sound”…. HARD MUSIC MAGAZINE USA .

“Virgin On The Ridiculous”album release 2001 (Out Of Stock)
Signed to large indie punk label Golf Records, the label re-releases the album and Gash went on to tour with Sponge
Can actually do the So-Cal-style melodic punk thing…… a host of favourable comparisons with everyone from Good Riddance to Bad Religion. Kerrang

“Bleed For The Cause EP release (Signed to Copro Records)
The Grinding hardcore onslaught will make you clench your fists and stick your boot in the nearest unfortunate victim. Its rough frantic and utterly intense, with a refreshing anti gloss production that lesser wannabes should take note of. VOID would be proud. Terrorizer

This is as brutal as they come expect a killer live showing from these guys. Sure Radio Metal Show

Frantic rhythm and loads of stamina. ……… British Brutal Metal. Luton FMA Very Promising Future, brutal and precise Dark Place

Well, if the band’s name doesn’t give it away then surely the title of this Hellfire EP, ‘Bleed For The Cause’, will tell you what to expect here; monster metal mayhem that’ll make yer ears bleed! Warn yer neighbours, throw the pets into the street, close all windows and doors and make sure you’ve got adequate building insurance cover before you put this one on – then let it rip!!!!

Hellfire don’t make any excuses and don’t hold back for one single second – Hellfire simply go straight in for the kill, aiming precisely and unerringly for the jugular in an attempt to rip yer throat to pieces with frantically paced hardcore metal that’s in yer face and devastatingly scary shit. Throaty growls vie with screamin’ vocal histrionics amidst the slammin’ drums, thumpin’ bass and howlin’ guitar chords – don’t play this in front of grandma – she’ll bleed to death in her bed and you’ll have some explaining to do!!

‘Bleed For The Cause’, ‘Deceiver Of The Damned’, ‘Insanity’ and ‘Suffer In Silence’ make up this raucous, skull-splitting, aural injection of modern rock’n’shock. Lyrically, well who knows and does it really matter!? Instrumentally Hellfire blaze a trail of brain cell devastation with a massively solid performance – no respite for you the listener – no chance for breath – frighteningly brash and full-on music for the slightly insane or volume challenged. Exactly what you’d expect – nothing more and nothing less – out and out, sense destroying, hearing mutilating slamrock that could wake the dead! What more can I say? Toxic Magazine

Bleed For The Cause – Four slices of brutal blasting relentless screaming yelping extreme violent hellnoise metal from the English midlands. Well recorded, professional, locked, loaded and ready to violate the ears of you Raging Speedhorn/Mistress style blistering brutal flower picking cake bakers out there Organ Fanzine

Like has happened many times before, from a small working class town in the UK emerges yet another group of angry young hooligans armed with sharp pieces of metal and wood, ready to take out their anger on society. Well, at least this time it’s the Metallic foursome HELLFIRE who only seem content to unleash their snarling brand of Deathcore mayhem upon the hapless audiences down at their local pub.

Formed in 2004 by brothers Roy (Guitar) and Jay (Vocals), they soon added the hilariously named Big Al on drums as well as bassist Greg to the lineup. With their combination of spastic screamed and low growled vocals supported by the furious drum work of Big Al, these musical “thugs” (who may be perfectly nice people for all I know!) seem intent on leaving no head unbanged .

This four track EP, their second such release, really does show the band at its ultra aggro finest. The tempo of these four bombastic songs is pretty much all on the faster side and their musicianship is unquestionably solid, but the music has little of the variety I would have hoped for from a showcase opportunity like this. Still, this EP should serve them its main purpose of attracting some more rowdy audiences to their live shows as they continue to hone their craft. A good performance from these chaps, Metal Observer.

Four tracks last a total of 13m 21s with a lengthy intro; trust me it seems a lot shorter. The last time I remember being challenged and bludgeoned to this degree was the first time I heard “Reign In Blood” – high praise but listen to this and you will understand why I make the comparison! This CD pummels you senseless, but still has diversity. Can’t wait for the full album and I will recommend it wholeheartedly to any fan of hardcore, death and extreme metal in general. Stunning live too – buy the album and see if I’m wrong! Chop Music / Millennium Of Blood Promotions

INDYA ‘Tha Final Line’ single March 2018
“These are my ones to watch. She’s got a very sleazy sound and looks like Amy Winehouse!” Johnny Doom Kerrang
“Gorgeous & Empowering” BBC LONDON
“Its raw & the ultimate glam rock chick sounds like Joan Jett” Total Rock
“We love indya”Amazing Radio
“Indya is the new female royal Blood” RadioX
“Love it! This is a strong track” 102.3 HFM Radio
“I love the groove to this song” Bishop FM
“This girl is great! She’s a cross between Alannah miles & Joan Jett! And i just love her!” Way Out Radio

Space Station album release 2005  licensed from Hollywood Records for UK release through Holier Than Thou

I listen and I cant get that idiotic smile off me face” Melodic Net SWEDEN
“A band with a depth of songwriting skills and melodic flare equalled only be JELINER’S British counterpart QUEEN” Hardrox
“Soaring vocals remain unmistakable, surrounded by piano centric metal and supersise harmonies” Salt Lake City Music (USA).

“I love indya’s Voice & the classic thread vein style” FATMANS RADIO

“Brilliant Song” JC- RIVIERA FM

‘Girls Wanna Rock’ 2019
‘JOANovARC’ 2019
‘Jane’ 2019
‘This Way’

‘Seeds of Summer’ (radio promotion) July 2017 single release taken from ‘Ride of your Life’ Vixon Records
Featured in Xbox Rockband
“Stars” Trap Mix Radio 1 playlist Holier Than Thou & Helicopta reached #16 in the Music Week dance charts.
“Say Sayonara” UK edit May 2013 iTunes Holier Than Thou
“LIve RockNRoll” to coincide with their 2014 European tour.
Top 10 Club and Dance Music Week chart entries with “Stars” and “Peace of Mind” DROX (Helicopta Records)

‘…hard rocking pleasure cruise. The music is strictly rock of a retro nature while the sound is sharp, crisp and very much twenty first century. Joanovarc have an astonishing ability in penning harmony laden songs that are pure class. In particular Sam Walker’s vocals should serve as a lesson in how to sing with real control. The music is emotive and is almost tactile in the way it surrounds you, and then embraces you. In this digital age with blast beats, samples and screams this is a little island of pureness that still looks forward rather than in the rear view mirror. Joanovarc may just have produced one of the best rock albums of 2019’ Devolution Magazine
“Their sound is stylish powerful and certainly has a direct lineage to Girl school and Rock Goddess. In fact, there’s a strong case for saying that this quartet are the natural successors to those two bands.” Malcolm Dome – Classic Rock Magazine
“I love this singer! It sounds like it’s very easy for her to sing… There’s also a fat guitar tone that sounds like a plump nesting bird!” Kerrang Magazine
“I really have a thing for JOANovARC! “ Annie Nightingale – Radio 1
“These girls can shred!” Bruce Dickinson – Iron Maiden
“Totally mind blowing and it is no wonder that this band has been recently gigging on the European mainland. All the tracks are of a high calibre alternative rock style, with catchy melodies galore. Dave Smith – Raven Heart Music
“I love this new track ‘Peace of Mind’” Kelly Betts – BBC Introducing
‘London’s JOANovARC kicked off the Wall Street main stage. The four ladies in the band played a terrific set of melodic rock music for the early crowd.’ Katt Coffin Florida – Music festival press
‘This formidable four piece arrive in barnstorming fashion to capture your hearts and minds’ M Magazine
‘JoanOvArc have something about them that just shouts musical talent, and don’t let the fact that this is an all-girl band, these ladies know how to rock n roll.’
My Global Mind
‘a true gift to listeners’ Planet Nation
“This could be the start of something big for this band” 4 stars Pure Rawk
“JOANovARC delivers classic melodic hard rock for the new century. Get it. Easily recommended.”5 out 5 Dangerdog
“When I heard a preview of Ride Of Your Life , I was interested to hear how they carried themselves live…turns out better than I could of hoped for.” Devilgate Media
“Impressive….buy this gem” Moshville Times
“JoanOvArc really are at the top of their game at the moment.” Dark Lord Of Barnet
“The mix of pop hooks, raw guitar and the glam rock drum sound works well and should see the band find favour and fans on a support slot with a bigger , more established act” Powerplay
JOANOVARC have made a great rock album, one that captures the fun energetic raw sound of a live performance. 4 out 5 Demonzone
“It has attitude , great singing and great instrumental playing . Every- thing you need in today’s album” 4 out 5 Patchchord News
“These girls not only shred, but also give you the ride of your life. Rec- ommended…” 8.25/10 Ravenheart News
“The album is superb! Its fantastic mix of tracks featuring the band at their best is an excellent debut which deserves to be heard.” National rock review
“There are a lot of potential radio hits. Live Rock ‘N’ Roll, one of the singles, is full of rock wit… the entire album in fact is fuelled by it, so fill up the music tank and hit the road!” Rockchickenz
“A great debut from this foursome that has a tonne of guts and more importantly some should be anthems” Musicpedia Of Metal
“one of the best all female rock bands around at the moment.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…10/10″ Black phoenix riding

JOHNNY WORE BLACK featuring Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson
“Dark and brooding, its poignant message about the physical and emotional sacrifice of our armed forces really hits home” – Music Week Magazine
“A surprisingly accessible dream-like number” – Record Collector Magazine
“Perfectly balanced and epic” – Tasty Fanzine
“A haunting dose of melody and emotion” – A Metal State of Mind
“Jay Coen’s voice portray[s] a poignant message” – Popped Culture
“Soaring minimalist fret-work caked in distortion…paint[s] bleak battlefield silhouettes infused with dark imagery of a soldiers return home encased in a flag-draped casket” – Speak Into My Good Eye
“[A] magnificently produced rock ballad, overwhelmingly heartfelt lyrically with an equally emotive soundtrack and made even more poignant by the artist’s own experiences” – Rik Magee @ Pure Radio

I was surprised when I started streaming the latest release from Johnny Wore Black, because I had expected it to follow the Walking Underwater Part 1 flow. In fact, Part 2 has a completely different tone, a more brooding and contemplative one. Its core is old-school rock ’n’ roll, evoking Ozzfest memories, but with a bold approach to current instrumental technologies. The album also features Megadeth’s David Ellefson, bringing another level to the party. The 10-song album has a lot going for it. The first track, “Firefly,” is smooth as butter, with well-balanced harmony and a classic vibe, whereas “A Cut Above” brings a more modern feel, with some computerized elements well fitted over natural talent. “Fallen Angel” and “Shine On” were two of my favorites and had a Pink Floydish kind of dark calm to them. “Gift of Desperation” was my favorite song on the entire album, with a compelling story and excellent lyrics that I found myself humming to later in my day. “I Do Dissolve” and “Noise” are the catchy tracks I can see doing well on the radio long before the others. The album is very impassioned and stirring and perhaps gives us a peek into the varying issues band members have faced or are facing and really draws us into their world. I really enjoyed the intertwined techno and rock elements and exquisite layering offered throughout the record, which really gave it a deeper sound more bands should tap into. The Pulse Magazine

“Lie” Single release January 2016
“What If” Single Release March 2015
“Modern Slavery EP Release March 2015
Already present in the past, precisely in 2011 with the album “Face The Real” with great pleasure we find the rocky Kerosene struggling with this new ep which shows us a band in great form, more mature and modern. Addressing some change in formation, Modern Slavery embodies and definitely embraces a more developed, well-kept rock / metal and modern than in the past, the influences of Alter Bridge and Black Label Society are immediately audible in the first few notes in each piece, the massive groove and those hot and scratchy sounds (sometimes blues) of American rock, give each song an identity. Each member is able to enhance their instrument thanks to a flawless skill and sound recording. The particular timbre of Alessio, manages to fit perfectly in the musical context, even demonstrating it in the beautiful cover of Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2.
Eraskor Magazine

Chainsaw Art album release 2001
‘Meretto mix the verbose vitriol of early Manics, the taut energy of At The Drive-in, add a slug of pop sensibilities and shake it all up with their own secret ingredient to give us something new and tasty. With a dual vocal onslaught from Messrs Bell and Burgess, the aptly named Sonic Incendary Device is propelled along by snaking bass, guitars that chime and lacerate, and adrenalised drums.’ — Independent Sound UK

Jaunty energetic spiky prog-edged indie rock that views life through a whole world window. Warm passages of clever melodic adventure, a slightly more indie more traditional and perversely, more rocky Oceansize with quite a few slices of It Bites or more recent Marillion or Jadis – little bit more dirt under their nails though, that dirt gives then an edge (Jadis and Marillion are just boring these days) . Worth checking out if you’re in the mood…….Organ Magazine

Meretto are a art rock/power pop three piece hailing from Reading. The self proclaimed children of the 80’s draw in influences from such music genres as prog rock, Britpop, classical and metal. The by-product of these influences is Chainsaw Art, Meretto’s latest release. The opening track ‘OK, Hello, Now!’ provides a strong introduction to the album and instantly breaks down the formal musician/audience barrier, that often separates bands from their audience. This is achieved by the lyrics being sung directly to the audience and placed over a perfectly tuned bass line. The idea of the broken formal musician/audience barrier is carried on and furthered in the subsequent songs. Tracks such as ‘Chainsaw Art’ (sharing its name with the album.) and the single ‘My T.V’ particularly stand out. This album is a sure fire winner. Providing reason after reason to follow this up and coming art rock/power pop three piece-Meretto. GET READY TO ROCK
With a dual vocal onslaught from Messrs Bell and Burgess, the aptly named Sonic Incendary Device is propelled along by snaking bass, guitars that chime and lacerate, and adrenalised drums. Indiesounds UK
“Huge sound high energy band a favourite here” The Garage London UK

“Soul For Sinners” EP release 2001 Melodic Death Metal”the future is looking very exciting indeed”. Kerrang
“Soul For Sinners” EP release 2001 Melodic Death Metal
Tight riffing underpin a viscous female vocal attack” Kerrang
Mindlapse the other Leicester band have been around for a while and put on a very impressive performance, their brand of Death Metal with a touch of gothic thrown in for good measure and the female vocalist sang and screamed her heart out not to mention the rest of the band who were tight, inventive and impressive, if you see one of their home made CD singles around, grab it, it will be good.Justin Case Rock Review

Mindlapse formed in 1996 by Karina (vocalist) and Gaz (guitarist) after the fall of heavy rock/doom band Neutral Shade. An EP “Myself and I” was sent to HTT Records and soon enough the band signed amanagement deal with the company. During the years 1999 – 2002, Mindlapse recorded a variety of single demos with various musicians as a basis of experimentation during their evolution process. They received a KKKK review in Kerrang magazine among other features such as a “Check Em Out” release in Metal Hammer. They supported bands such as Napalm Death, Kill II This, Skindred, Labrat, Brutal Deluxe, In Me, in venues around the country such as

Nottingham’s Rock City and London’s Dublin Castle. Nish also became the third consistant member of Mindlapse and added the use of keyboards and samples to create atmospheres in the music to develop it further, hence the birth of death/doom EP Souls For Sinners. This EP was rated 9/10 and described as “Arch Enemy meets Lacuna Coil – a welcome addition to the family of mood metal” from Metal Blaze USA.After a stunning performance at The Rock & Blues Festival, the band took time out for further writing and to find a new drummer due to the departure of Adrian McGlennon. In May 2005, death guitarist Nathan (Lordaeron) and death/doom drummer Davydd (Anaemic, Vat Of Fat) joined the band on a temporary basis adding a more harder death sound to the music.

In six weeks, Mindlapse wrote four new death/doom orientated songs, “The Wake”, “The Prophecy”, “Haunted” and “Exile”, ready for the July “Under The Earth UK Tour 2005” with Cancer, Insomnium, Gutworm and Cruel Humanity. Mindlapse perfomed in high standard venues across the country including the last day of the tour which was in Camden’s Koko (formerly known as Camden Palace) along with Napalm Death Diecast, 25 Ta Life, Cataract and Descent. As a result of the tour, Mindlapse signed a new deal with HTT Records. They also welcomed Davydd (drums) as permanent members to the Mindlapse family. As a result, the Mindlapse debut album is scheduled to be released in 2006 followed by a UK/European tour. In the words of Ashley Byrd from

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE (ultimately became One Minute Silence 1990 )
Responsible for promoting early demos and Rock City showcase NDE headlined, soon after the event the band signed to Virgin.
The album made the top 10 in the metal charts

“Open Your Mind” 2014
“Until My Heart Stops” April 2015
National Support Kerrang Radio & TV
UK Tour with Girlschool in 2015
Guitarist Rich Shaw now with Cradle of Filth
In the hunt for some prime rock n’ roll which is maybe a touch low on major surprises but has all the attributes and invention, not forgetting rousing tenacity, to start a voracious stomp in a dance hall of wallflowers, then say hello to UK rockers NG26 and their new album Until My Heart Stops. Loaded with ten hard/alternative rock tracks soaked with metal aggression, the encounter is one accomplished and rigorously solid slab of heavy rock unafraid to flirt with melodic adventure or a nest of squirming grooves.
Ringmaster Reviews

NG26 have seriously impressed me with their latest release, Until My Heart Stops. There are some wickedly addictive tracks contained in this album that come thundering at you like an enraged bull in a narrow street full of nutters wearing red onesies. There is everything you could ever want contained in this album, hard and heavy grinders, feel good rock, dark, reflective rock and a beautiful ballad, all thrown into this diverse mix that really satisfies. I may have been over critical with a few tracks but they are just blips in my opinion as the band matures in their sound, as does every band over time. This is addictively melodic and the musicianship on show here is immense. NG26 deserve to be massive and for those that like Shinedown, Bullet For My Valentine, Five Finger Death Punch and Alter Bridge, seriously check out NG26 and show them some appreciation.
RocknRoll Circus May2015

NG26 aren’t a band short of a following. This was no surprise to me when I first heard their new album ‘Until My Heart Stops’. Consisting of diverse sounds and epic harmonious talent I think this new album is well worth the listen. On par musically with some of the biggest and well known Rock, Metal and Alternative bands from the likes of Alter Bridge, Metallica and Papa Roach I can honestly say NG26 are still doing it for British Rock N Roll. NG26 fans, if you haven’t already, get this gem and definitely add it to your collection. You won’t be disappointed. ALEX ALICIA MEDIA : 7/10

From start to finish this album hold no bares. Fact of the matter is, you cannot ignore the musicianship, recording quality and final output that has graced its way in 2015. writing, recording and chipping at milliseconds of music can be cumbersome and draining but to present a thoughtful, clever and heavy piece of work that is all in all ready for radio from start to finish can only mean thing: these hard rock and metal maestros have worked hard, and although this may not be their final master piece and I am sure it isn’t, Until My Heart Stops is now already a good, strong contender for unsigned album of the year. a well deserved 4.5 skull-beanies out of 5! samerbata.com/

Released April 26th 2015, it builds on their previous releases with their customary swaggering, soulful style reminiscent of Alter Bridge and Soundgarden. They reinvigorated the Nottingham and Derby metal scene mid-2007 and have since released three albums. Their guitarist Rich Shaw is also a full-time member of Cradle of Filth. Throughout NG26’s releases their tight musicianship is highly evident, yet tastefully applied; they temper blistering guitar solos with artful fingerpicking and atmospheric gothic melodies dropping into groove-laden riffage. Their sound is best described as varied, with moments that swerve toward gothic melodic beauty and others that excel in a doomy groove-driven brutality. This is a band that delegates well and knows how to sense that delicate moment when the bass, guitar or vocals should take centre stage. This is an album with greater depth and far more to offer than you might initially think. Get Your Rock Out May 2015

Open Your Mind (album 2011)
Songs such as “Mine Tonight” and “All Fades Away” showcase beautifully what the band are all about, huge riffs tighter than a ducks bottom groove laden rhythm section. NG26 are well placed to make an impact on the UK scene. Powerplay Magazine

Nottinghams new kings of metal. When it comes to modern melodic metal you really have to cast your eyes with envy across the Atlantic to get a feel for what is really hot in this scene where bands like Alter Bridge, Papa Roach, Shinedown and Five Finger Death Punch enjoy massive success. We are yet to really see a British band of the same ilk really make their mark in this genre, in fact Bush are the only ones that spring to mind, but that could all be about to change… Holier Than Thou have unearthed a real gem with Nottingham’s NG26 who deal in massive monster riffs, stadium sized chorus’s and tunes as catchy as an STD during Fresher’s Week at the School Of Rock!Taking massive influence from the bands mentioned above, they have managed to weld it all together with superb musicianship and a real English vibe to create a masterclass in modern guitar rock. Everything works to it’s maximum – great vocals, superb drumming, classy guitar skills and beastly bass work and the production values are to die for!As far as debut albums go you will have to look far and wide to find a more impressive effort and if you are all about hooks with your power than you will discover more barbed weapons in these 10 tracks than you would in a fisherman’s tackle box! NG26 have nailed it – hook, line and rocking sinker!9/10Best Track(s)Bring Back The Day, Look To The Sky & One More Road From Home. TheRocks

I was pretty excited about hearing this album from Nottinghams NG26 largely due to being impressed a few years ago when seeing them supporting KILL 2 THIS but they have really dragged their feet in getting this release out.The wait for this album has been a while then but it’s obvious from the off that the time has been really well spent honing and crafting a massive and tight guitar sound to accompany and compliment the impressive vocals offered up by front man Chris Topley. I can honestly see this album splitting metal fans right down the middle in respect to views – many are much more interested in the all out heaviness of acts like Mastodon and Slayer but flip the coin and the other camp are suckers for a more accessible melodic vocal lead sound and this is where NG26 sit. In a nutshell if you are a fan of bands like Shine Down, Papa Roach and Alter Bridge then this is a band that will turn your crank in the right direction.Bring Back The Day kicks things off in ear shredding fashion and by the time we hit the 5th track Look To The Sky the catchiness rating is already hitting the high numbers – they are able throw a hook into proceedings almost at will and in this business thats no bad thing. All Fades Away is my favourite track and if I was to suggest just one track to judge this bands merits on I would choose this one – killer guitar licks, powerful drums and a chorus to die for! Keeping up this high standard is a pretty tall order for any band and inevitably the last 2 tracks are fillers in comparison to the rest of the album but a solid 8 good tunes out of 10 is a damn good hit rate in anyones books and for a debut its even more impressive. I would be lying if I said this was anything better than a really good first album – they will need to offer something more original for sure going forward if they wish to really make a real mark on the scene but that said it really is a good first album and certainly hints at a promising and exciting future. Whisperin & Hollerin

I’m going to keep this short and sweet: NG26 rock and I mean Soundgarden/AlterBridge/Papa Roach style rock!Massive riffs, huge sounding drums, intricate and impressive guitar work and some great vocals make for an album that is packed to the rafters with tunes. It is amazing that this is the bands first album – I really wasnt sure what to expect upon settings eyes on this but as soon as I had it playing I was blown away – this literally sounds as big as a jumbo jets engine on take-off!I really didn’t think that British bands sounded like this anymore and that we had long since sold our souls to the American rockers but this really can be held up as an example of what can be achieved with the right amount of ambition and vision.NG26 are surely one of the Uk’s best new bands and I really would be suprised if they don’t kick on and become stars of the future. One thing is for sure – if they can pull this off live then they are really going to make some friends on their upcoming tour! Outstanding! 9/10 www.discollective.com October 2010

One band that you simply must keep an eye on.” komodorock.comOne

hell of a debut album, from one hell of a set of musicians! I might even go so far as to say this is just what modern metal needs right now.” Bubblegum Sluts Magazine

NG26 specilise in full-throttle in your face alternative rock and with the release of ‘Open Your Mind’ they have delivered a belter of a debut album!
The Nottingham based noise-merchants have taken a leaf directly from the book of rock as written by such luminaries as Creed, Alter Bridge and Shinedown, managing to weld some awesomely memorable chorus’s with very powerful and melodic verses. The vocals are impressive, Chris Topley the bands front man, has a huge set of lungs on him that compliments the classy guitar work superbly. Musically speaking the hard rock vibe of this band owes as much to older classic bands as it does to the new kids on the block mentioned above but they still have a clearly developed sound of their own. My 3 favorite songs on the album are the blistering opener ‘Bring Back The Day’, the video accompanied ‘One More Road From Home’ and the belting ‘Look To The Sky’. In all honesty though you could put this album on and let oy play from start to finish and you wouldnt skip a track – the quality is ace.This in an album of top notch alternative anthems and I cannot recommend it highly enough – what a band NG26 could turn out to be. www.buzzjack.com October 2010
Love little Indiscretions (first single from the EP) Kerrang
NG26 bring retro-riffage spectacular solos back to the UK rock scene with some serious intent, imagine if a war-zone had rhythm like one of those musical theatre productions set in some banana republic, where the actors all dance around, choreographed to the sound of gunfire – while carrying AK-47s…. Metal Mouth.

“Heaven Sin” album release 2005
Rather decent lush restrained intelligent dark wave electro goth rock for people who like things like Inaura or maybe a not so hard nine Inch Nails – they do it rather well. Nice artwork toooooooo — ORGAN MAGAZINE

Heaven Sin is a lavishly packaged 12 song album that revels in the technology that was used to create it. there is a solid sense of power behind each of these songs, and a depth and complexity of sound which is mesmerising….a vast slab of development and evocative soundscapes..– SANDMAN UK

Heaven Sin has a lot going for it, a kind of indie industrial. Neon Zoo play with maturity and a multitude of influences and their apply their samples with a freshness not so often herd in these days of perfecto programming. —ROCK SOUNDS

Heaven Sin ‘The brand new Neon Zoo CD sounds… grrrrreat! Or should I say “even better than that!” An album full of quality songs. Good job boys. Must listen more.’
DJ Heidi – Schatten ClubÂ

A brilliant debut album, one of the best upcoming bands for a long time’ — FUNERAL NATION

A new and exciting band from the Midlands (UK). This is the title track from the band’s debut album, and one which is bound to become one of the alternative anthems of 2005. Be among the first to visit the Neon Zoo and indulge in a little Heaven Sin.’ — Kaleidoscope magazine

‘It’s about time we heard a decent industrial rock band. There haven’t been any good new ones to tear the world apart in quite a while. But now Neon Zoo have been unleashed and come with an album in the works entitled Heaven Sin, chockful of electronic samples, fuzzy pumping beats and a ghostly, gothic air.’ — Black Velvet magazine

There is something appealing about Darkest Dance very addictive Club Evol Edinburgh

“We really like this, its funk yet dark and very different” Raw University Radio Warwick.

“Suprise” album release promotion 2004

Never the Bride’s Nikki Lamborn and Catherine Feeney first met on stage at a jam session in a London pub. nstant rapport and a similar taste in music and direction, lead to more jamming before Nikki from Bristol and Catherine, better known as Been, from Glasgow, formed a song writing collaboration.

Nikki commuted to write, gig and busk in Covent Garden. Never the Bride was born and the duo built up a core following around the capital. Their live reputation went from strength to strength and big support slots followed from The Who, ZZ TOP and The Pretenders. After successfully supporting The Who, a personal call from Roger Daltrey lead to Nikki and Been joining Daltrey, Alice Cooper, Paul Rodgers, Peter Frampton and a few more rock gods on The British Rock Symphony Tour. The band toured the UK, Europe and Australia with the Orchestra, making a huge impression with their interpretation of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir and Stairway to Heaven.

Their first performance at The Royal Albert Hall is a key moment in Nikki and Beens’ lives. Roger held up both their arms and said to the audience who were going crazy, “What d’ya reckon then? Nikki Lamborn has the best female rock voice since Janis Joplin and I know what I’m talking about, I knew Janis.”

“After The Rock Symphony Tour ended in Australia, we decided to stay awhile and write some songs,” explains Been. “We did a Thelma and Louise, rented a car and drove across the country drinking tequila in small bottles.

“The money had run out by the time we reached Sydney, but luckily it was around the time of The Olympics and there were lots of people to entertain. Our busking skills paid for the song-writing trip and some of those songs are on our latest album, Surprise!”

Nikki’s powerful presence and strong vocals has been described as Tina Turner and Robert Plant rolled into one. Her incredible voice came under the spotlight while coaching a Cambridge choir girl in the ways of rock for Channel 4’s Faking It series.

Been, keyboard player and occasional guitarist, is the main composer behind the songs that together with Nikki’s voice, make Never the Bride unique.

Other band members include Murray Gould on guitar, who has played with Elton John, Dido and Faithless, and David Levy on bass, who has backed Rory Gallagher and Bonnie Tyler amongst others. Drummer Richie Newman’s previous gigs have included Steve Marriott, Rory Gallagher, Alvin Lee and Sam Brown.

As a response to their growing fanbase worldwide, the band have recorded a DVD rockumentary, entitled For Richer For Poorer, highlighting life for a rock band on the road both at home and abroad.

The band are playing selected dates across the UK.

“Closed in Chains” UK Single Release February 2016

Reviews for their debut album “Fragile Reality”
If recently you have ever thought to yourself “damn, I want a brand new band to put a debut album that is some kick ass melodic death metal” then you are in fucking luck as Nothing Lies Beyond’s upcoming debut album, “Fragile Reality”, fits those requirements perfectly! The vocals off of this have a real guttural sound to them while they still maintain a good amount of melody that had a fantastic feel that carried on for all 30+ minutes of “Fragile Reality”. In each track there were brutal guitars that had great hooks and riffs to them that would get any death metal fan into it, but then they would suddenly shift to a really nice acoustic guitar which made this album feel so much more atmospheric and complex the more I listened to them. The drums had a phenomenal beat that brought an absolutely great energy into the mix and it really makes you wanna head bang if you’re any sort of death metal fan who likes it heavy and fast. Overall, though, this is a more than amazing start for Nothing Lies Beyond as “Fragile Reality” is a real punch to the face as it tears up your ears. This is melodic death metal done right and I’ve no doubt anyone else who loves death metal and hears this album will agree with me when this beast drops. Headbanger Reviews

Fragile Reality” achieved to pay my attention from the very first spin. In my humble opinion, the thing that impressed me the most here is the guitar work; the guitar duo of Guy Elberg and Elad Pakado generously offer some really interesting guitar lines that are ‘heavy to the bone’ with furious and aggressive riffs but, at the same, time they enrich their sound with inspired melodies. The sound overall is, also, filled with a ‘modern’ and fresh approach and makes the final result very attractive. They manage to ‘put’ every now and then some acoustic parts in many songs that are givin’ an extra flavor. The rhythm section is tight and the vocal abilities of the lead singer, Ido Asa does not getting tired. Bottom line is that Nothing Lies Beyond comes with a really interesting debut album that achieves to balance between the classic death metal sound of the 80’s and todays modern melodic death metal scene. For the fans of this particular scene, “Fragile Reality” is a ‘safe’ buy, no doubt ’bout that! For the rest of the true metalheads, ‘Fragile Reality’ is an album that includes all the necessary aggressive riffs, solos, screams, attitude and melodies for your daily. Heavy Paradise

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Isreal, Nothing Lies Beyond is a melodic death metal band that were formed in 2011. The album Fragile Reality is a 31:54 long album that starts and ends with all that is melodic, brutal and fast.

To be honest, we did not expect much from this five piece band who is releasing their debut album, but our opinions were very quickly changed when the music started. After just the second track we could not believe that these guys have not yet released an album previously, then again, they have only been around for about four years!The guys from Nothing Lies Beyond have some serious skills and surprised us throughout the whole album! Opening with a nice crisp guitar solo, this sets the mood for melodic death metal that will certainly entertain the masses. Following the smooth flow of Guy Elberg, Elad Pakado and Alon Gani, on the bass, through each track is a breeze and certainly worth turning up the volume a bit, not to mention the acoustic sound popping up every now and then which creates a whole new mood in those few seconds of the track.What is death metal without fast paced drumming to get you in the mood for a major headbanging session? This is splendidly executed by drummer Ariel Lior throughout the album and gets the heart racing and the head bopping without any thought of it! What grabbed our attention was the intricate use of the cymbals that filled out the overall sound superbly.The amazing vocal capacity displayed by Ido Asa will captivate the ears completely. Splendid guttural vocalization makes for a good listen even to those who are not that in to Melodic Death Metal or Death Metal in general.These blokes hit the nail on the head with the great composition of this album, we expect nothing less than great things to come from Nothing Lies Beyond in the future. Metal Reviews

“Lethal” CD original released 1999 (Punk Rock)
At their best in high gear thrashing out the locomotive melodies of “Insomnia” and “Parallel Suburbia” with a vigour reminiscent of The Damned” KERRANG.

“What’s Up With You” EP October 2012
“Nothing” single October 2012
“Soul King Fire” May 2015
“MAD” October 2016
“Dead Man Walking” November 2017
“Sweet 16” (best of) January 2021
“Amazing check this band out” Planet Rock
Three track from their albums have made Classic Rock Magazine track of the week From ‘Soul King Fire’ ‘I Want a Tattoo’ and from M.A D ‘Look Both Ways’. ‘Don’t Know What You Got Til Its Gone’ was also chosen by Classic rock earlier this year.

“They come from Wales and don’t have the most ‘rawk’ of band names. But since we were handed their debut LP Soul King Fire this week (by a friend of theirs, also Welsh), Sonny Jim have become something of an earworm here. Elements of Foo Fighters and upbeat Feeder weave into this heavy yet adorable tune. Go on, give it a spin, then get a tattoo. Of Sonny Jim. ON YOUR FACE. Or not… But definitely check them out.” Classic Rock

The kind of album that you might expect from musicians that have been around the scene since the early 90’s; polished, accomplished, and bloody massive. With experience comes a stubbornness of doing it your own way, no-one is going to try and tell these guys what to do after all this time. The end result being a rock album that bucks trends. Sonny Jim aren’t Rival Sons retro, neither do they want to be Alter Bridge or Black Stone Cherry. So the chugging, train like guitars that so many UK bands try to emulate these days are nowhere to be seen… or heard. Devils Gate Media

“These guys have really got something here! … They play with the gusto of Chris Spedding &/but have
the balls of a Viking Warrior! … Fantastic stuff! Way Out Radio

Something for everyone on this album, great songs with both attitude and melody DevilsGateMedia

This is the best record of the 21st century. A monster Radio 2XS

‘Once you’ve heard this band You’ll want to come back for more, totally addictive’ Pure Gain Media

“Nothing Changes”CD release 2000 (out of stock)
Signed to Copro Records.
“Glorious thick edged riffs, double bass drum rhythms and the standard throaty vocals mingle effortlessly and morph onto a monstrously heavy modern groove”. Hard Roxx
Best metal of the nineties Terrorizer
Signed to Copro with a re-release of the album Second Chance from Nothing Changes went to number 5 in the overall UK downloads charts. Having been downloaded on average two thousand times per month they were positioned at number 12 in the Global mp3 charts …. Now Signed to Copro

“Eponym” January 2014
“The band are undoubtedly talented, and sure to take the music scene by storm!…” SMNNEWS

“Pseudonympho have what you want in a metal band: portentous names (their new single is called Accident of Birth), heavy riffs, a touch of social commentary (the single is about the problems of consumerism) and a lead singer covered in sand…” SUPAJAM

“It takes a lot to stand out in the over saturated music market these days, but I’m going to put my neck on the line and say it. These guys have got something special, definitely ones to watch!…” WHISPERINANDHOLLERIN

“PseudoNympho are both exceptional and unusual in more ways than one. Fusing elements of both grunge and metal, the band are bringing something entirely new to the scene that frankly we can’t get enough of…” PUNK ROCK SHOP

“Their songs are anything but standard metal tracks, ranging from quirky to ear bleeding heaviness…” BRING THE NOISE UK

“Clean and melodic classic metal vocals are layered over some of the best, dirty, grungy guitar tones I have heard in a long while…” PURE GRAIN AUDIO

“Wolfgang C. Bailey and his cohorts pull no punches with their socially-conscious, super-charged, ass kicking/take no prisoners modern metal! PseudoNympho, who have a name that I find equally weird and appealing, knock down the doors of traditional rock and roll and slam the listener repeatedly over the head with heavy music that is thankfully also intelligent and insightful…” HEAVY METAL TIME MACHINE

“Writing of personal experiences as well as political narrative, ‘Eponym’ is almost indescribable. There are heavy riffs, face melting solos, deep vocals and deeper lyrics…”

“There are depths and changes, unexpected melodies and directions, that make it a very interesting and enjoyable album. Vibes range from contemporary, experimental, alternative rock, to retro-metal, with some punk thrown in. Whatever you choose to call it, it works and I will give them a thumbs up. Definitely worth a listen or two. You might even find your new favorite song…” MUEN

“From start to finish PseudoNympho’s worldly and, at times, fiercely political vision is matched by an equally worldly range of musical styles, impressively played.” GIGSCENE

“Most of the rest emanates from fucking ridiculous chops […] they just might have the multiverse dicked and then some.” DECIBEL sept 2013 issue

“What a peculiar album.” VIBRATIONS

Tour support band for Cheap Trick
Respectable Records (UK) Holier Than Thou (UK)

“I Believe In You” album release 2008
Dark powerful vocal, nice songs Radio 2XS

“Picture this, Robert Smith on stage with Bono, Jimmy Page and that bloke with the funny voice from Crash Test Dummies…The lead vocalist has a deep incredibly powerful voice that sticks with you after the last wail of electric guitar has faded…Symptom are literally electric” – Karen Cloudesley (Apr 96) THE PAGE


“It rocks like a diesel powered juggernaut” – Martin James (21 Jun 97) MELODY MAKER

“Attacking guitar work and psychedelic lyrics” – Liam Sheils (5 Jul 97) KERRANG!

“A rarely unearthed quality vocal” – James Sherry (9 Aug 97) METAL HAMMER

“The raw energy of the band’s sound with Roman’s earth-moving voice is just awesome. A must have album. Go get!” – Baz Ashcroft (Nov 98) ROCKAGE UK“

‘It’s Raining’…Roman Kozlowski possesses the gift…to write killer tunes…anthemic…atmospheric…the sort of voice to kill for” – Andrea Thorn (Apr 2000) MAKING MUSIC

ABOUT THIS THEIR SECOND ALBUM This is Symptom’s second album which was recorded in 1998. Of its 12 songs, 5 were recorded in Hartlepool and 7 in Nottingham. Again, all main foundation tracks of drums and the three guitars (with a guide vocal) were recorded live in the studios. Main vocals, and harmonies, some percussion and keyed strings, and post-production were added later. It took 6 days to complete (4 days recording and 2 days to mix down). The only song that didn’t receive any post-production is ‘Conscience’ which has been added as a bonus track at the end of the album. It was recorded live with the guide vocal complete in its lyrics so left on. At the end of 1998 the whole album was ready and planned for release in autumn of 1999.Throughout 1998 and early 1999 Symptom gigged the UK promoting their first album. They were voted “Best of the New” by NME at end of 1998 and chosen to headline the start of the NME Carling Premier Tour during 12th–20th January 1999. Unfortunately, soon after the tour Symptom broke-up and the album was shelved and never released. Only two songs from the second album were released as special limited edition singles for fans and promos for radio play: “I Believe in You” in 1999 and “It’s Raining (Down on Me)” in 2000.

“Just received an advance copy of “I Believe in You”. I can’t stop playing it! It’s gut-wrenchingly beautiful…his voice is for real! Moodier than the Verve…more passion than Pearl Jam. Who the hell are SYMPTOM? In my book, with this single alone, they can f***ing rule the world” – JJ Brenner (Jan-Feb 99) JAMMARAMMA ZINE

Previously with EMI

“Modern Life Virus” EP 2004 Now signed to EMI (Indie Prog mix)
“Strong Words Softly Spoken” 2017 independent
“typically British rock diffusing through the fine atmospheres created by this band from Turin, with a 4 tracks EP completely written in English listen to the 2nd track “What should have been” and you’ll immediately feel their rock nature, then go to “Decalogue” and you’ll get a melancholic evolution of the sound. The last track “The same” is quiet and meditating while “Journey” gives their EP a very professional touch When we get the CDs to review, we normally need several listenens to perceive the artists message: in this EP the impact is immediate, and we clearly understood their intense musical message. Citymusic.it (Italy)

The Afterglow give us an EP that, altogether with some demos, tell us lots of the big number of their music skills and possibilities, with the band always swinging between a guitar rock of great breathe, and acoustic atmospheres of touching intensity … the refinement of an episode such as “Decalogue” cannot be ignored, thanks to the freshness of their song writing they give us the important sign of a providential change in indie music and a moment of great freedom Rockerilla (Italy) Half British and half Italian …. clean and harmonic arrangements in a pure British style, with that up and down in their music intensity that always captures the listener. Their sound is powerful and rock, with that southern America rock voice, rough and deep at the right point. The Afterglow show us very good song writing skill, a clear and strong sound, very communicating Newsic.it (Italy)

melodic tunes with with some great stirring atmospheric moments SUBCULTURE rock night The Academy Birmingham UK

The Afterglow, it has to be said, remind me just a tad of U2; with their worldly, poetic lyrics set to soaring, rockin’ riffs and superbly rounded balladic rock and everything done to a turn. The U2 comparison is meant to be a guide rather than pure fact as The Afterglow are very much their own musical beast with very much their own way of doin’ things. Those things, they do extremely well; ‘Decalogue Of Modern Life’ is a t’riffic, gentle romp through contemporary, meaningful rock music of the not too heavy variety. The Afterglow show finesse in every department – they have a great sound that draws you gently in and then caresses your senses into submission. The Afterglow write and perform mature rock music for the 21st century. There’s some ‘big’ songs here with anthemic tendencies but there’s also an over-riding commerciality with the coming together of solid rock attitude and ‘pop’ sensibility. The Afterglow have a knack of bringing ‘proper’ rock home and making it accessible and friendly without once selling out to banality. Not content with simply writing good songs, The Afterglow’s musical arrangements are awesome and add so much to the overall appeal and listenability of this excellent album. These are damn cool and clever dudes! The title of this superb album, ‘Decalogue Of Modern Life’, is clever and pretty self explanatory – so you can no doubt work out for yourself how many tracks it contains and have a pretty good idea about its lyrical content too. The Afterglow have set very high standards for themselves here. With precision and attention to detail The Afterglow ‘pull out all the stops’ – the album is beautifully packaged and presented – and lets face it, if you’re gonna buy one apple from a basket you’re gonna choose the one that looks most appealing and tasty – so it is with ‘Decalogue Of Modern Life’ – first impressions and all that!! Very professional and very well crafted from start to finish. ‘Decalogue Of Modern Life’ by The Afterglow is pretty much as good as it gets within its massively appealing genre. Flawless, ripe, shiny, juicy and damn tasty. Impressive stuff this, well worth a looksee, and I wish the lads well with it. Peter J Brown aka toxic pete

Signed to Earache Records
Playlisted on Planet Rock
“The More It Fades” December 2016 “RocknRoll” February 2017
“Rock N Roll” February 2017
“I love how these guys come across! … The way they pummel your senses with the verses & chorus! … The way that you think that your senses just might been saved when they introduce that gentler middle 8! … And the way they finally crush what senses you have left, underfoot with that gargantuan outro!” Way Out Radio
Airplay across the UK and US including Planet Rock and Total Rock, live performances include Rockstock in 2016

Reached no 2 in the Soundcloud Alternative Chart
“Here and Now” March 2014
“Likey Nike” June 2015
The Inconsistent Jukebox AKA Barry Snaith comes from Wakefield, UK. Equally prolific, sounds just pour out. He produces globally, can count David Lynch and Gary Lucas (guitarist for Jeff Buckley & Captain Beefheart) amongst his fans, and has worked and recorded in the past with The Ramones and with the equally legendary Chrissie Hynde.
Music from The Inconsistent Jukebox with various collaborators from around the globe on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/barry_snaith
“…The Lost Poets have created an innovative, appealing sound that pushes the musical envelope…”

Their music has been licensed for Two new motion pictures starring Dolph Lundgren called ”DON’T KILL IT!” and ”WITHOUT YOU I’M NOTHING”. They are also on the short list for the hit TV-series ”UNFORGETTABLE” and AMC’s prequel to ”The Walking Dead”, ”FEAR THE WALKING DEAD”.
“Danny Electro” (single release ) June 2016
“As Long As I Am Conscience and Clear In My Mind” (single release ) August 2916
“In A Wasteland” (single release ) October 2016″
“…packs twice the punch. The project retains the forlorn air of darkness and desolation but attacks the theme with added verve…” wedoitfortheloveofmusic.com
“…a very compelling album, full of strong guitars and heavy drums…” essentiallypop.com
another exciting musical journey for rock lovers all over the world with their new album rock-expert.com
”Insubordia is an impressive debut. Rosengren is expertly accompanied by drummer and bassist Petter Ossian Strömberg and the pair have already made a musical home with their offbeat cadence. The Lost Poets’ Insubordia is pure twisted awesome”. Rockworld Magazine

”You will want to make space in your CD shelf for the Lost Poets ‘coz seriously, these guys are onto something, a really good thing. And when you get a hit of this 17-minute high, you will develop a lifelong craving”.Rock Revolt Magazine

”Far from a slow burner, The Lost Poets’ debut projects grabs you by your flowing white train and whisks you off your feet from minute one. You will find practically squat to prompt you to say, “Yeah, they’ll improve on that in the next album”.Wedoitfortheloveofmusic

”The power and force presented by them is undeniable. It’s an EP that owes a lot to its influences, but it’s unlike anything else around it and that makes The Lost Poets one to watch”. The Big Takeover

”Rosengren’s voice is amazing and can’t help but remind the listener of Queens of The Stone Age or Chris Cornell. Now getting airplay and further interest overseas, with that voice and sound, the US will definitely be embracing them much more in the near future”. LA Splash Magazine

”The Lost Poets deliver Scandinavian swamp blues meets redemption through rocking it out. It’s all knowingly raw and you’re never quite sure what you’ve just heard. Give me more.” Rebel Rebel Magazine

”There may be less than 20 minutes on this EP, but these recordings are able to showcase an eclectic and unique band. The band successfully imbues their own style with a Queens of the Stone Age meets “You Know You’re Right”-era Nirvana trapping, a move that will draw heads and keep interest levels high. 8,6/10”. NeuFutur Magazine

” Insubordia is hopefully the precursor to something very big, very soon.” Abort Magazine

”Highly recommended for fans of thoughtful dark rock”. Hiplanta Magazine

” Now that I have had a taste, I want to have more! 4,5 of 5” New Noise Magazine

”The Lost Poets have only begun – their unique sound in an oversaturated music world is a breath of fresh air, and the EP only parches the desire for more of their music”. Punk Globe Magazine ”The country of Sweden has produced many uniquely intriguing bands and artists over the years, and it’s safe to say that The Lost Poets can be firmly added to that list. ‘Insubordia’ is worth a listen and more.Rating: 8/10” Metal Assault Magazine

”Fans of dark rock music, we have a great one for you! Coming from Stockholm, Sweden super duo The Lost Poets, who have been making quite a name for themselves on the scene.” Joonbug Magazine

”David Rosengren and Petter Ossian Strömberg show off their ability to write songs both badass and heart-wrenching. Sludgy and swampy, yet razor-sharp at the same time, the Lost Poet’s sound is not to be missed by fans of blues-filled rock. The Drainage

”Damaged, grinding and tense are what the Lost Poets are, an anonymous duo from Sweden who bring us the mega-grunge behemoth Insubordia ll” TedBurke.com

”EXCELLENT! Insubordia PT II’ is worth the price of admission. The Lost Poets have created an innovative, appealing sound that pushes the musical envelope, but is still main stream enough to attract a vast audience. It’s safe to say that The Lost Poets will do well and, because of their musicianship, they probably put on one heck of a live show. Don’t miss this one.” Contact Music

”Insubordia Pt II has twice as many songs as its predecessor and it may be fair to say it packs twice the punch.” ”A delectable experience for anyone who appreciates not just rock and roll, but rich, organic music, period.” We do it for the love of music

”They swap and change across genres so often that it’s impossible to categorise them into one style. Which doesn’t mean their music lacks appeal – quite the contrary, ‘Insubordia II’ is a very compelling album.” Essentially Pop

”It’s not a love letter, but it is exhilarating only in the way when the bombshell of clarity goes off. This is a fine album of densely textured depression.” San Diego Reader

”Do you like music that hits hard, goes for the jugular, plays with your emotions, and inspires you to create? Then look no further than the new album Insubordia Pt. II” Soundscape Magazine

2016 Signed to 7 Hard Records in Germany
“Chapter” Zero” album June 2014
“Darkest Horse” July 2014
“Lights Over Phoenix”
“Phantom High” (Nominated for best EP 2015 TBFM)
November 2015 the band signed 7Hard Records and HTT for UK promotions
and released Mass Vendetta
“A hard-rocking beer-swilling floor-filling shit-kicking slice of rock”
Tony Wilson Total Rock Radio Head of Music

They may be over a decade into their career and have three albums to their credit, but The Senton Bombs show no signs of slowing the pace or going soft on this five tracker. They play hard rock music, the likes of which proliferated in the 80s but isn’t nearly as common any more. But they’re by not about big hair and tight spandex. They’re all about driving guitars and kicking out the riffs. They’re all about rocking. And they do, in multiple shades.‘Phantom High’ is fast and furious, a powerhouse piece of hard rock with punk energy. There’s a touch of the Undertones about the anthemic ‘Lights Over Phoenix’ and they’re deep in US rock territory on ‘Black Chariot’, landing somewhere between Bon Jovi and ZZ Top. It ain’t revolutionary, but there’s something refreshing about their no-frills, no-messin’ approach. whisperinandhollerin.com

Mass Vendetta is a genuine slab of rock gold, an eleven track affair that has it all, anthems, hooks, attitude, holler-a-longs, adrenaline, sweat, vigour, every box ticked, an explosive affair from start to finish, that’s guaranteed to satisfy rock fans the world over, forget recent big name reformations, the resurrection of rock is safe and secure in the hands of The Senton Bombs! Rhythm & Booze

Sorry about the terrible pun in the title – couldn’t resist. But seriously, from the opening chords of their single ‘Chapter Zero’, this track grabbed me and had me dancing round the room. ‘Chapter Zero’ is also the title track of The Senton Bombs’latest and third studio album. If it’s an example of what their album holds, I look forward to hearing more! The Senton Bombs call themselves as a ‘punk-inspired metal band’ – an accurate description, but that doesn’t tell you that this track is also bouncy and catchy in a down’n’dirty way.Joey Class (bass/vocals) fronts the band with a snarly, yet melodic vocal style, ably backed up by Damien Kage and Johnny Gibbons on guitars and backing vocals. Scott Mason keeps everything together on drums. Formed in 2004 as The Terrorists, the band released four demos between 2005 and 2009, following these up with albums in 2010 and 2012.Hailing from Blackpool in the UK, The Senton Bombs havealready amassed a following on the live circuit, which I will be adding to as soon as I get the chance.‘Chapter Zero’ is a great example of the latest in the punk/rock genre. It’s obvious to draw parallels with Green Day, but dare I say, fans of Aerosmith and Appetite for Destruction-era Guns ‘n’ Roses will like it too. Phoenix Music Online

I remember when Punk Rock was just a bunch of herberts with three chords and an attitude… when spitting on the crowd was an art and Sid Vicious was considered a musician. These days, when a band describes themselves as Punk you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s odds on that it’s not gonna be a nostalgic journey back to 1977.The Senton Bombs certainly fall into that bracket, delivering an album described in the blah as “Punk Rock & Roll” but in reality it’s a quality slice of Hard Rock that is gritty yet melodic. ‘Chapter Zero’ is their third album and upon listening you certainly wouldn’t think they were from Blackpool. This is solid, punchy Rock which comes across as a mix of The Ramones and The Almighty with a fair dash of Guns N’ Roses (when they were good) and plenty of Glam Rock vibes. Seriously, if ‘Heading For The Guillotine’ had appeared on ‘Appetite For Destruction’ it would have been hailed as genius. Joey Class has the perfect voice for the kind of music on show, very sleazy but also tuneful and not a million miles away from Michael Monroe.As you may have gathered, I like this. There’s so many little influences wangled in together, so many nuances in what are initially simple Rock songs, and so much enjoyment to be had from songs like ‘No Rest For The Rockin” or ‘Acid & Alkaline’; no frills on the surface with plenty of frills underneath, The Senton Bombs don’t deserve to be stuffed into the Punk pigeonhole – they need to spread their wings and let the general Rock population discover what they’ve been missing. Failing that, they could just start spitting on people I suppose. Alan Holloway Rocktopia

Do you remember when Guns N Roses were the most dangerous band in the world, a snotty punk inspired racket with hooks, molten riffs and a boat load of attitude? do you remember when rock had an edge? do you remember the last time you raised your fist in the air and screamed at the top of your lungs?The Senton Bombs are here to remind you of those glory days, they’re here to make you sing, shout, swill your beer and rock the fuck out!!!Originally the band formed back in 2004 as The Terrorists, they released four demos between 2005 and 2009, delivered their first album of spluttering rock classics in 2010 entitled Sweet Chin Music (I wonder if this is a Shawn Micheals influence??), Gambit their second album came out in 2012 and now they’re back with a brand new eleven track affair that’s all thriller, no filler!!! The album opens with the foot down, high octane, title track, Chapter Zero, instantly bringing to mind the Appetite era of the aforementioned Guns N Roses, with it’s strutting posture, galloping riffs, snot ridden, attitude fuelled vocal and massive shout-a-long hook.From there the band serve up a further ten slabs of fat free, hard hitting rock, where every song contains a killer riff or three, a brief shredded solo, a contagious vocal and more bravado than a Saturday night out in London.I’m a little biased when it comes to albums like these, I grew up with hard hitting rock, I loved Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls, G’N’R and so on, but The Senton Bombs have it all, this album is chock full of fist in the air anthems, from Nothing Like This to the gloriously stupid call to arms No Rest For The Rockin’ the band deliver time and time again.The band show that it’s not all about vim and vigour when they strip it back down for the melodic introduction to Reapers Sow, highlighting the impressive musicianship they have to offer before cranking those amps to an even greater high as the song develops into yet another fist pumping anthem. Another highlight is the Supersuckers/Eddie Spaghetti (country tinged punk) influenced Darkest Horse that welds that aforementioned stomping swagger with a keen sense of melody to dazzling effect.Chapter Zero is the perfect answer to all those boring middle of the road rock acts, who feel the need to get all sensitive when all we really want to do is rock out. if you’re looking something a little restrained keep on walking, if, however you’re like me and want a dose of hard hitting, strutting rock n’ roll, you’ve come to the right place, now pump the air and hail the new kings of rock I give you The Senton Bombs!!!  Rhythm & Booze Rating 10/10

“Peddling a high octane blend of punk infused rock ‘n’ roll have produced a cracking eleven tracks. ‘Darkest Horse’ could quite easily have writing credits that read ‘Hudson/McKagan’.” Uber Rock

“Somewhat of a brilliance.” 8/10 Powerplay Magazine

“There is nothing quite like this. Contender for album of the year 2013. You need this slab of rock from the boys from Blackpool and you need it now.” ☆☆☆☆☆ Studs & Punks

“Full of killer riffs and memorable hooks. I Liked it the instant I heard it and think I will forever.” ☆☆☆☆☆ TBFM Magazine

“The sound & direction are really focused. This is a fantastic release. An amazing rock album that shouldn’t be missed.” Punx.co.uk

“Offering a thrilling incendiary riot of punk infused rock n roll, a feisty and rebellious instigator to mischievously party in tandem with. Best described as having the infectious cheek of The Undertones, the defiant intent of UK Subs and the melodic flames of New York Dolls, and an insatiable irrepressible triumph. An exceptional release.” 8.5/10 Ringmaster

“It is a 1000 giga-watt behemoth that strikes hard and fast and leaves a scorch mark on the senses. Classic. The harmonies work a treat, the
cadences persuade, the metalised hammer blows add the finishing gloss – superb. This is a momentous offering that moves the band into new
wondrous realms.” Fungalpunk

“Track by track there are simply no inferior or second best compositions on this album. Classic heavy duty hard core rock & roll. “Chapter Zero” carves out an extra niche in the bands musical progression. The future of Rock & Roll may well be in the hands of The Senton Bombs. Bring it On!” Rock of Ages

“Churning out music and lyrics of this quality they’re definitely one to listen out for. Amazing.” ☆☆☆☆☆ PlanetMosh

Chapter Zero is the bands third full studio album and will be on digital release from June 16/06/14 through Holier Than Thou Records. The album presents eleven original tracks, a much more diverse and hard rocking variety than previous offerings. Originally released on CD by STP Records on the 27/09/13 the album has received much critical acclaim, including being nominated for “Best New Album of 2013” on TBFM Online.

Formed in 2004 as The Terrorists, the band released four Demos between 2005 and 2009. In 2010 they released their first full studio album entitled Sweet Chin Music, followed by their critically acclaimed second album Gambit in 2012. The Bombs have appeared on a number of festivals and played support to the likes of The Real McKenzies,  GMT 

“Imagine the melodic energy of ‘Aerosmith’ combined with the sneering audacity of ‘ The Clash’ to get an idea of this band’s output.”
Neil Mach, Metal Is Religion

“Swaggering punk cum rock here with a melodic mix of adrenalin rush guitar, thumping drums and turbo bass that is thoroughly infected with snarl ‘n’ sneer vocals of the effective kind. There’s a whole watershed of influences and styles thrown into the mix reflecting the bands appearance and holistic delivery. I consider this an educated and cultured concoction with careful insight taken into each and
every ingredient before it is thrown into the melting pot. Each song has its own character with many idiosyncracies and punky pustules all adding to the final tingle. Scissor kicking punk ‘n’ roll delivered with articulate excellence and astonishing accuracy” FungalPunk

“Like the bastard son of Backyard Babies and Social Distortion” TBFM Magazine

“A long journey, a trek down many tuneful dead ends, a whole heap of seeds dispersed and wasted until…one day…fruition comes. The Senton Bombs have been through the dead eyed mire where many watch, take no real heed and move on to more acceptable sounds. Eventually one or two heads turn, a few follow and suddenly a vibe arises – and about time to. As the band develop, fine tune their skills and slowly build something resembling a fan base a stage is reached where it all seems worthwhile – we are now at such a juncture, with the rock and roll artistes from the spunk laden blemish known as Blackpool all ready to climax. They have a fine chap helping them along in a managerial role and this will hopefully KO a few obstacles and get them more ‘out there’. As per, I like to do my thing when requested and here is another CD review (honest and with warts wanked). Title track, skies crack, a heavenly twinge paves the way for a mouth-watering, melon juice treat arranged with high rock and roll articulation and gushing desire to snatch at the attentive neurones and keep them…hypnotised. The band immediately adorn themselves in raiment’s of sonic war, pick up their reliable weapons and fire off in utterly glorious unison with a distinct invulnerable and secure essence more than a little apparent. Once more we are treated to the frontman’s gifted, natural and oh so credible tonsil work with a superb savoury and sub-sexual lust for the noise coursing through every syllable uttered. ‘Phantom High’ is desirous, ravenous and unstoppable and my advice to anyone with doubts or anyone with virginal ears for the SB pack to just plunge in and let them consume you. There are far worst ways to die. Musically tight, generically embracing and one for those in or out of many, many pits of noise. From a straight ahead trampling to a more heedful and acoustically observant serving that has a certain crepuscular quintessence within the marrow of the melody and a sincere hefty application of considered ambience. ‘Lights Over Phoenix’ is sub-operatic rock, a deeply gilded and ornate offering tattooed with the bands new level of confidence and song-writing instincts that are there to salivate over. Whispering ripples expand outwards from a delicate splash of tonal care with all players holding themselves in check and just applying the right amount of assistance to the overall end result. Perhaps one of the bands most mature songs to date, a real coming of age exhibition of a crew in a groove and heading straight for a collision course with success! An alteration in approach next, a scorched and westernised drawl of cool assed standards with the coming of ‘Black Chariot’ and all its emotive triumph. Strutting in on superb sanguinity, with spurs digging into the initial senses and drawing attentive blood. Vocally superb and, surprisingly excellent – musically exact and so perfect for the style sought. This opposing factor to the usual Bombs produce is most choice and is delivered with aplomb and advanced insight. More doorways will open on the back of this number alone and as I have always said, if the band avoid getting slogged down in a punk pit and stretch their wings they will undoubtedly find many zeniths. I find myself loving this song more and more with each rotation and feel for the victim, get more involved and more appreciative of the delicacies included. The power smashes, the gentle string work, the backing murmurs, the narrative methodology – fuck yeah! Back to level ‘expected’ next with the lush and lively ‘Passions Of The Passive Aggressive’, a song that begins with punctuated positivity and zoned in accuracy before hot-footing into further excitable realms with all components getting dragged into an orgy of fully aroused acoustica. Wild perspiration runs free, subtle ascensions of erogenous activity manifest themselves, firm muscle thrusts penetrate with irresistible passion and a consuming blanket of sound is thrown over the entire writhing heap of effective rhythm. A multi-faceted copulation of colliding and complimenting bodies producing moments to drool along with. ‘Surf 6-66’ closes this thriving 5 track exhibition of tamed excellence with the band flowing like molten gold through cast iron veins and thus firing life into those both internally and externally. A holistic bout of consummate clarity and professional success that fucks the true membrane of all music lovers for sure and leaves behind a sensation of draining satisfaction. Perhaps one of the most improved bands I have ever dealt with, certainly one of the most impressive and a crew destined for genuine appreciation from the most ignorant of bastards. The acuteness of the strings is beautiful, the throb and firm application of bass is fulfilling and the direct, well clattered tympanics are done with superb attention to wham bang detail. Another fine song, another feather in a crammed and well worn cap – yeah. That’s it, to gush further is not needed. If I have told you once I have told you a million times and it is a pure insult to ignore this crew any longer. The Senton Bombs ooze class, the time is now to give them your 100% support. Fungal Punk Nature

Kerrang and BBC radio playlisted
“Road Killing” single October 2016
“Post Modern Delay” Album 2015
” The Great Kill” Single 2013
“Nothing But Envy” ,EP 2011
“My Condition EP” 2012
“Bodyhammer EP” 2013
Swanky .. Love it. Got a nice swagger – found myself nodding my head. A good sign, even though it made me look like a tit! Superb – these boys can play! nice production too – nice chunky riffs cut through and vocally great. Kerrang

Road Killing October 2016 single release
‘Adding to the handful of striking and rousing singles we are looking at is a pair released on the excellent Holier Than Thou Records label. First is ROAD KILLING from British outfit THE TTP_RingMasterReviewTRIPDOWN PROJECT. Hailing from the UK’s North East, the trio of guitarist JoJo, drummer Ritch, and bassist Tim have a sound tagged as alternative rock but as ROAD KILLING shows, it has a much bolder character than that. The single strolls along with the boisterous catchiness of seventies power pop and the mischievous character of Supergrass, a tenacious mix which just ignites a physical grin to match that nurtured in the imagination. It is a riveting and ridiculously persuasive offering soon inspiring jumping feet and the contribution of vocal chords to its contagious epidemic of sound.’ Ringmaster Reviews October 2016

Reviews for “Post Modern Delay”
Worth The Wait … arena shaking melodic clout Classic Rock Magazine
….Judging by the fact that some of these songs were released as singles as far back as 2011, this Sheffield band have clearly not been tempted to rush-release their debit album.
The advantage of that is the aptly-titled Post Modern Delay sounds like a best of compilation of tried and tested crowd pleasers they’ve honed since forming five years ago. “My Condition” resembles The Wildhearts chewing on the remains of Feeder, all harmonies hooks and jump-start-my-heart urgency, while “Hiding From My Past” marries twangingly insistent riff with Foo Fighters- style grunge, crackling samples and arena shaking melodic clout. Tripdown Project’s time has finally come. Classic Rock Magazine June 2014

Northern Alternative rock trio ‘The TripDown Project’ hurl out their breathtaking debut album ‘Post Modern Delay’ through Holier Than Thou Records on Monday 9th June through all stores. With glowing comparisons to everyone from Nirvana to the Byrds, The TripDown Project pitch the bone-crushing power and dexterity of the Foo Fighters against the hooks of The Beach Boys; the result is something genuinely original and captivating.

Born from the ashes of Sheffield rockers ‘Colorpool’, Ritchie Chappell (Drums, Percussion and Vocals) and Jojo Blythe (Guitars, Synths, Bass and Vocals) formed The TripDown Project during 2009 as a vehicle for their songwriting. After a flurry of praise from friends and acquaintances, the TripDown boys were coaxed to the live arena and were swiftly blown away by people’s responses. The two-piece soon decided to pursue the band further, drafting Tim Pritchard in on live bass and adding synths and samples to further enhance their live sound.It wasn’t long before Holier Than Thou Records snapped up the band, and within a matter of months, they released their debut single “Nothing But Envy” to widespread support from the underground. In mid 2012, the industrious three-piece continued their climb with the release of their new three track EP “My Condition”, which was quickly followed by their next EP ‘BodyHammer’. Both records helped to ready The TripDown Project to break into the scene. Now, armed with their full length debut ‘Post Modern Delay’, the alt-rockers are braced for heady heights. The album kicks off with the hugely melodic ‘My Condition’ which instantly sparks to life with its driving guitars and absorbing vocal melodies. The bouncy groove of ‘Body Hammer’ is next up, as it tips its hat to the guile and craft of Nirvana, while ‘The Great Kill’ highlights the trio’s use of strong dynamics and expansive texturing. As the album progresses, ‘Consider It Done’ fantastically spits out a head-grabbing refrain that’ll cement itself deep within before the irrepressible ‘Chain Gang’ delivers another impossibly contagious track that is surely ripe for radio airwaves. By the time the scathing tuneage of the final track ‘Combat Nation’ hits the eardrums, listeners will be thirsty for more. The rising threesome have delivered a killer album that is sure to rapidly rise their stock amongst the UK rock fraternity. Look out for the band live through the Summer and beyond! Planet Mosh

“…a haze of old school melody, modernized for those wanting a flavour of what it was like when flower power was the world’s motto. Like The Byrds, but on steroids, the dreamy vocals of Jojo Blythe are a perfect match for the uplifting sensation the 3-piece have created with bass and guitar working in harmony” Hit The floor Webzine

Opener My Condition is a sign to inform the listener that Post Modern Delay isn’t holding back from high speed. They play their music very fast, it’s incredibly energetic. Bodyhammer is very reminiscent of The Presidents Of The United States of America’s catchy tune Lump and is one of the best songs from the album with its fast bass, catchiness, and brings back good party memories. Consider It Done is another a highlight that is able to change up the record with vocals being heavier than previous tracks. The Foo Fighters influenced style is impressive; the vocal flair with the bass beat make this a definite ruler of the airwaves. Next, we head straight into Chain Gang – this band do not let up with the speed, while lyrics that accompany the pace “Free myself or see you on the other side” make this one a strong contender for favourite. Jojo Blythe stretches his vocal chords while challenging Tim Pritchard on bass and Ritchie Chappell on drums to keep up and they certainly do. Towards the end of the album Nothing But Envy arrives with the old school rock style, with a certain hook that reminds me of the Beach Boys. This sound is homage to not taking yourself too damn seriously in life. Enjoy what you are doing – and I’m definitely enjoying this song. Three experienced musicians with the energy of an energized bunny have invented a sound that would trap many listeners and if this is half of what they sound like live then you should definitely head to a show. The TripDown Project is love in a field; eyes closed while the flowers blossom, arms spread out with fingers stretching, spinning around to feel the sun on your face. Metal Mouth

Starting the album off is “My Condition” and if I hadn’t been told this band is from Northern England I would have sworn that they were American. Slick, layered vocals, a driving riff, great solo and a solid bassline all add up to a great song that just makes me smile when I hear it. There’s something about this song that makes me think of sunny days and as they aren’t that common here that might be why I keep thinking they’re an American band! Very good choice for the first track.“Bodyhammer” begins with a nice bass intro before breaking into a raw sounding riff that Dave Grohl wouldn’t be ashamed to call his own. Guitars and bass work perfectly together on this very catchy track with a vocal that could have come straight from The Presidents Of The United States of America. If you think “Lump”, you won’t be too far away vocally. One of my favourites from this album. “The Great Kill” is the current video doing the rounds on YouTube and is a good indication of the album. Give it a listen there but bear in mind that, in my opinion anyway, it’s not one of the best tracks here. By no means bad but due to the quality of the album as a whole I feel there are other tracks I would have released first. Great solo though. “Consider It Done” has a lighter feel to the guitars and a more raw edge to the vocals and I can definitely see this as a hit if it’s given a chance. Catchy as anything and with great musicianship on display this could work well as a soundtrack too. Love it! Straightforward, up tempo and effective would be a good way to describe “Heavy Motion”, while “Shimmer” feels like it would be especially good live, having lots of opportunity for crowd singing along and once again, it’s very catchy. “Nothing But Envy” makes good use of the excellent backing vocals and the subtle use of the keyboards is a nice touch. And who can dislike any song that has bongos in it? Another live favourite I’m sure. The album closes on “Combat Nation” which is heavier both musically and also lyrically. Possibly that’s why it’s another one of my favourites – it’s one of those tracks that makes you turn it up that bit more. As all the tracks here, it’s catchy with a great riff and will have you singing along in no time. The TripDown Project were a new band for me and I have to say it was a pleasant surprise to listen to this album. Not quite a classic but certainly plenty here to enjoy and I welcome more from this band in the future. I think there’s some great music here and with a bit of luck and some good timing they could just get the success they deserve. djeimages.co.uk

Starting off in 2009 as a dual piece, The TripDown Project thenadded Tim Pritchard and began operative on new material. The Northern England trio’s influences accost from eras of strain such as The Byrds afterwards to Foo Fighters and Nirvana. Their passion has finally led to a recover of entrance manuscript Post Modern Delay. Opener My Condition is a pointer to surprise a listener that Post Modern Delay isn’t holding behind from high speed. They play their strain really fast, it’s impossibly energetic. Bodyhammer is really suggestive of The Presidents Of The United States of America’s catchy balance Lump and is one of a best songs from a manuscript with a quick bass, catchiness, and brings behind good celebration memories. Consider It Done is another a prominence that is means to change adult a record with vocals being heavier than prior tracks. The Foo Fighters shabby character is impressive; a outspoken aptitude with a drum kick make this a clear ruler of a airwaves. Next, we conduct true into Chain Gang – this rope do not let adult with a speed, while lyrics that accompany a gait “Free myself or see we on a other side” make this one a clever contender for favourite. Jojo Blythe stretches his outspoken chords while severe Tim Pritchard on drum and Ritchie Chappell on drums to keep adult and they positively do. Towards a finish of a manuscript Nothing But Envy arrives with a aged propagandize stone style, with a certain offshoot that reminds me of a Beach Boys. This sound is loyalty to not holding yourself too damn severely in life. Enjoy what we are doing – and I’m really enjoying this song. Three gifted musicians with a appetite of an energized bunny have invented a sound that would trap many listeners and if this is half of what they sound like live afterwards we should really conduct to a show. http://metalnewz.com

England based The Tripdown Project released their first full length album Post Modern Delay last month and it’s a refreshing blend of 90′s grungy rock with some current day synths thrown in. The lead singer is clearly influenced by the 90′s and the music is all the better for it! I love that they go for the hook and then give it a kinky twist which makes it unique but never really far from the original intention.The video is for the single Bodyhammer and showcases exactly why the band are awesome. An album review will follow later this month… Higher Plain Music

THUNDERCLAP (formally Thunderclap Numan)
“Something In The Air” 2006 reworking of the classic song licensed by channel 4’s Big Brother

Pete Goodall (Thunderclap Numan) latest album is the anthology of a historical journey from the music maker’s first foray into the industry, through to modern day.

“It’s my Lonely Planet guide to the early 1960s onwards and is a total retrospective,” explains the man who played guitar in the original Thunderclap Newman from 1970 -71, and who performed with the Troggs from 1972-73. “It’s basically my journey through the music business as player, booker, producer, writer, publisher and everything else.
Five stars — This is the first album for years and years that I have listened to over and over again. I loved the new version of ‘Something in the air’. Difficult to decide on a favourite track with so many brilliant ones to choose from, if pushed it would be ‘Thunder’. Well worth buying. Virgin Radio

“I fondly remember the original. this was a welcome item in the postbag. While different in style to the original, it has been appropriately re-phased musically to fit in with current tastes. It’s a good track and will get lots of airplay here.” UCA Radio University Campus Ayr.

“Still a great song”. DJ Evol, The liquid room Edinburgh.

“A cool song”. Bailrigg FM University of Lancaster.

“I really like this track, good production… a feel good summer track. ACE!!!” DJ Paul Bedford, Esquires rock night.

“Great remake of a classic, went down well with my classic rock set, had comments like I hadn’t heard in years”. DJ Bonzi King n Bill Rock Night Northampton.

“Huge party summer track. Sounds good played late”. Rock City

“Instant floor puller nice new version feel good song”. Krazy House Liverpool

“Stalemate EP” 2012
“On The Inside 2 EP” 2012
Thirteen Seven are a rock trio based in Edinburgh, Scotland. On the Inside is their debut EP. After a first listen to this record it is clear that the title track is outstanding. On their website the band cites many influences but the one that comes up most and is most apparent in the music is Alice in Chains. It is especially borne out in the title track. The song is so strong that you are left thinking how will the rest of the EP live up to it? The answer is: pretty good. There are many influences at work here and most are American. This band is playing in the long tradition of Scottish bands and artists who sound like and are influenced by American rock and pop music, a tradition begun in the early to mid 80s with the likes of Simple Minds and Sheena Easton. These bands and artists went on to have success in the States and it would be no surprise if it happens for Thirteen Seven as well. However, there is also the influence of British bands such as Radiohead and Muse and, the band may be surprised to hear, the vocalist sounds like Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet, another powerful voice from the 80s.

One of the best things about this band is its attitude. They talk and sound like a band who have already made it and this is important if you want to get noticed. The band exudes confidence and ability. But are they as good live as they are in the studio? How do they fill out the space live? Hopefully, the author will get a chance to decide but, for now, if the band tries to top the success of this EP, especially its opening track, and if they keep listening to good music then they should go places. MRU Magazine
The music of Edinburgh’s Thirteenseven is a chewy, nutty candy bar of hooks and riffs that calls Muse to mind as much as it does Stone Temple Pilots. This power trio released their first recording earlier this year and are currently riding a wave of great reviews. Hear them now on the band of the week’ MOJO’S ARMY – PICK OF THE WEEK (mojosarmy.com)

‘Sharp, fast alternative rock from Thirteenseven…’THE LIST / BANNERMANS

“Thirteenseven cite their influences as Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and Muse, so I think it is safe to say that their music – will be an aural rollercoaster ride, and indeed it is. The Edinburgh three-piece major on bone crunching riffs and soaring choruses. Guitarist/Singer Kenny is not afraid to show his feelings as the emotive lyrics aver. The bassist, Stephen, likes to dabble in distorted and clean sound textures in equal measure and drummer Simon builds the sound on the rockiest of foundations. Gigs and BBC Alba, what the hell! Where? When? How? – continue as I write, and they are already working on that difficult second album. Reviews talk of “epic seas of riffs and leads.” Hmmmm. Biffy Clyro spring to mind not, you’ll be surprised to note, necessarily a bad thing. Good luck to (and look out for) them, says The Leither.”THE LEITHER MAGAZINE

“Rock seems a bit of a niche market right now but if there’s room for Biffy Clyro there’s room for this lot! I think they will go far. Check them out on Myspace.”MAD MACKEREL BLOG

“This band takes the time-honoured, traditional approach to ensuring that you’re gonna fall under its spell and the first thing that involves is an opening track to make you go “wow!!!”. There’s a huge chorus that flows from the verses almost imperceptibly as the whole thing drives headlong into your heart with all guns blazing. There’s simply not a less than excellent track here – fantastic guitars, driving, solid rhythms, emotive and strong sounding vocals, all delivering well arranged and superbly written songs that you want to hear again and again.” DEAD EARNEST

“Set against a cohesive, tight, driving rhythm section, the guitarist blew you away with this epic sea of riffs and leads, a vocalist who can really deliver the songs with passion and conviction… the band gave a stunning performance – hopefully it won’t be too long before they’re back” DUNDEE HUSTLERS

‘An Eye for an Artisan’ has been involved with a few film festivals recently, official selection for Andromeda International Film Festival, six separate categories with White Deer International Film Fest, including Best Writing, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Editing, Best Drama and Best Soundtrack, beautifully composed by Tom Jeeves and we have won the Prague International Monthly Film Festival for Best Indie Short Film! 

“Disturbance In The Equilibrium” album release May 2008
Torn were are a 3-piece experimental, groove based rock band from the UK… The conception of 3 musicians, who have worked together over the years, in various bands & recording projects… TORN represents the melting pot that is their combined musical characters… Elements of funk, Rock, weirdness.
“intricate, stylish, classy, sophisticated …having may layers experimental, funky – reminds me quite a lot of early Incubus … but at the same time very unique.” Kerrang Radio

Torn are Jules Reason (guitar and voice), Dave Savage (bass) and Steve Parsons (drums); an experimental, groove based rock three-piece. For just three these guys make a pretty sumptuous sound! I like the way they use the word voice rather than vocal; voice somehow suggests more than just vocals, voice suggests something of more depth, something more abstract, something more refined – Reason has a talent for using his voice to extract much more from the words, something much more convincing and more rounded!

With music that hints at prog rock but also leans heavily towards soft rock, Torn seem to have got it all pretty much sorted. ‘Disturbance In The Equilibrium’ is a very tasty work with much to admire. I love Torn’s ability to make a big ‘noise’ without ever over-doing the mixing; Torn balance the instrumentation beautifully – there’s no sign of clutter or over-playing and the vocals are pitched superbly within the mix. Reason has an unusual voice which straight away gives these guys an edge coz they’re instantly recognisable. Reason’s precise delivery, at times, acts like an extra instrument – somewhat reminiscent of Thom Yorke at his best and most lucid!

‘Disturbance in The Equilibrium’ by Torn is an exciting piece of work; Torn inject jazzy vibes to lift the rock thing just a tad higher. Their attention to detail is exceptional which helps make this album the monster it is. Torn don’t take the easy route of straight indie rock, Torn tour genre and employ nuances from everywhichway to create their signature sound. This is very classy stuff indeed! And extremely clever!

Funk meets rock, jazz meets pop – Torn’s wonderfully creative streak ensures that every track has a life of its own, every track has something fresh and new to offer. Reason’s guitar work is particularly interesting; Reason explores dynamics and time signatures as he very carefully soaks space with vibrant guitar passages, fills and riffs – nothing in the guitar department is lost to showmanship, nothing is allowed to drift into self-indulgent guitar histrionics – great stuff. Savage an Parsons offer Reason an absolutely bespoke rhythmic backdrop, everything fits beautifully, everything’s just so, everything is similarly controlled and proportioned – great work here too! Torn’s songs border on epic; lyrically there seems to be a penchant for the slightly darker aspects of descriptive story-telling, nothing dismal, nothing drab, just wonderfully balanced words with music shaped and proportioned to match and enhance.

‘Disturbance In The Equilibrium’ by Torn is an exceptional album; from conception, through execution, to final delivery Torn have gone flat out to ensure that ‘Disturbance In The Equilibrium’ is a quality release. So, Torn’s songs are massively impressive and Torn deliver their songs with total unity, professionalism and finesse. ‘Disturbance In The Equilibrium’ is stunningly package and comes complete with lyrics – you can sing along from the first play if only you can master and pre-empt Torn’s masterfully creative timings and melodies. ‘Disturbance In The Equilibrium’ by Torn is a wonderful album that deserves time spending with it to fully appreciate the musical art of this great band. Stunning album, fantastic band!! Quality indeed!! Follow this one then you Torn guys – that’s not gonna be easy!! Peter J Brown aka toxic pete

This three piece band go with a very favourable sound, keeping things simple with just a guitar, a bass and a set of drums with which to craft magic. The band are signed on the Holier Than Thou record company and one must say that they do have a habit of unearthing some decent talent. The band name is the only thing I can find to criticise – you cannot guess at the funky rock they produced from such a disparate band name! However, I put it on you to dislike their first single ‘Sideways’. It sounds like something that people would make at a jam session and it’s all the more better for it. For any groove-rock to sound good, especially in a three piece, you need to have exceptional bass work and this criteria is definitely fufilled by Dave Savage. Savage’s pacey bass line keeps the song ticking along in an excellent manner, the thread that ties verse, chorus and bridges together. The drumming is exactly right for this song, a well crafted beat that WILL have you tapping your toes. Don’t bother resisting it either, you won’t hear a much funkier song then this. The press release with this single describes a ‘melting pot’ of talent and musical vision and you do feel that way – I reiterate that the jam-like quality of this song is something only accomplished by a true harmony between the band members. The vocals flick between husky melodic singing and gritty shouting during the chorus. The first song is definitely worth a listen. The second track, ‘Kiss Of Life’, starts off in a much tenser way and indeed, the song feels alot more serious then the first one and talks of winter and an experience devoid of happiness.
The vocals are almost spoken in this song for large chunks so you can clearly follow the direction and the mood that Jules Reason is heading in. Alot more impetus is put on Reason’s guitar in this song and he bashes out some awesome riffery halfway through the song that is nicely accentuated by some highhat tinkling by Parsons. This song is definitely alot less funky but it picks it up in raw mood and eccentric darkness. Definitely a band to listen too, so go and download their album ‘Disturbance In The Equilibrium’ as quick as you can – it’s worth the bandwidth and the money it demands!
Rock 3 Radio

Rats-It’s not what I expected from the artwork! Mellow and sultry, and full of colour; its been put on our playlist.

Sideways- this has also had a bit of airplay, its very anthemic and swinging and seems to have been popular. Kube Radio University Of Stafford

Sounds perfect altogether with distant, Morricone-sound-like guitars….. dark, heavy, grim, extremely distinct and suggestive. Subsity Radio Glasgow

EP demo 2001 (demo promotion)
“Dragging Me Down” CD single (3 Tracks) “Drummers are like buses, you wait ages for one and then two come along together. Which explains why pound for pound, you get more pounding from Torsohorse with the stereo assault of Lil and G.D. To experience what it’s like to get hit by two buses, the unholy, pulsating and shredding assault of their three track E.P.” Kerrang

“The songs thunder along with with doubled up drums of Lil and G.D, whilst main man Adam peels out charred riffage and black metal hollers. There is a cohesion and musicality on here which definitely points to a bright future.” PowerPlay Rock and Metal Magazine.

“Torsohorse are a four headed, two drummered speed metal monolith playing tortured songs, which deal in pain, rejection and revenge. A maelstrom sound, which is huge and brutal, yet fiercely disciplined. More than just music, this is huge, overpowering and utterly irresistable. Radar Magazine, Japan

“I’ve known and seriously respected Torsohorse for a while now. And in that time they’ve traversed light years in terms of their musical direction and all encompassing entertainment value. Since Nu-Metal stamped to the forefront of the alternative music scene, dungeonfuls of bands have come and gone, having crashed and burned in their own lack of originality. But Torsohorse have the potential, if they continue to experiment and usher themselves in multiple musical directions, to do themselves, their county and then their country, seriously proud.” Juxta Fanzine

“Colours” October 2016 single release
“God Game Suicide” August 2016 single release
National radio through Kerrang, Total Rock.

A British three piece coming from Birmingham this time. Formed in 2014, the band’s blend of Celtic folk/hard rock with heavy metal flavouring has seen plaudits coming its way through a live presence which has seen them support the likes of Rival State, Evil Scarecrow, and Diamond Head, and a sound as evidenced by COLOURS which gets under the skin. The single is a blend of familiar textures and an openly stirring individuality which still feels like it is in the honing. From the rousing rhythms of drummer Tom Fenn and the prowling lines of bassist GMT to the spicy grooves of guitarist Marc Malone, the song stalks and entices with the latter’s dusty vocals straddling all with engaging expression and texture.It is a song which grows and impresses more with every listen, revealing just why locally the band is eagerly followed and the national scene is beginning to pay proper attention.

Reviews EP release “Dried Bones”
“…brilliant little EP and you simply can’t afford to take your ears or mind away from it for fear of missing one single creative moment. Each song on the EP captures an abundance of collective originalities that are fearless within their own presentation and the first track on the EP Music 224

“Hands down, EP of the month. Birmingham outfit Torous release a blind five track EP with a smart mix of styles.. They are heavy as hell when they want to be but the Celtic edge just makes you bow down and worship their creativity” Ryans Gig Guide
“The local lads are really becoming a formidable live act. Promise has turned into actual bonafides recently with the release of the “Dried Bones” EP, and their new set is heavy on its excellent material. The closing epic of “Don’t Slip” is destined to become very special indeed. A bit like the band themselves then, surely” Maximum Volume
“Torous are creating a new inventive form of genre” The Derby Telegraph.

Uli JON ROTH (Scorpions)
Consultancy work created UK Website build and social media promo.

“Distrurbing Joy”album release 1997
Source from- Copro Records website.
Formed in September 1996 after the demise of Suicide Bride. Violet Ultra are a 4 piece band from Boston, Lincolnshire, U.K. Their debut CD “Disturbing Joy” was recorded for Holier Than Thou Records in September 1996 at The Outhouse Studios in Reading and was released in April 1997. A copy was sent to Kerrang and reads as follows:
“Disturbing Joy” is a barbed combination of rock power and punk pace. Violet Ultra rise above comparisons with Therapy? The Almighty & Stiff Little Fingers, by displaying fine songwriting nous with the likes of “Blow me Away”, more infectious than a dip in the sea at Blackpool. And the Celtic overtones of “A Quiet Day” showing a more thoughtful restrained side. KKK – Paul Travers KERRANG!

Since releasing the Album, the band have played with Whatever, U.K. Subs, Snuff, The Vibrators, Goober Patrol, King Prawn, Dog Toffee and most recently The Jellys. The band have gigged afar afield as Inverness(Scotland) to Yeovil(England) & Cardiff(Wales).Signed to Copro Rcds last year the band have since recorded “Psychobabble”; a 13 track album produced and engineered by Dave Chang (Earthtone9, Orange Goblin). The material being a lot darker but still as catchy as FUCK, the band have been described as a lying somewhere in between Therapy? & Offspring.

Single release ‘Toy Box’ November 2016
Signed to Rock N Growl April 2017
‘they play with tempo, challenge the typical punk/rock n’ roll genre with their own twists and experiment with musical ideas most wouldn’t even consider.’ Manchester Rocks
‘This band is incapable of delivering anything less than an exceptional live show and I for one would not be surprised to see them performing to packed out 500+ venues in the not too distant future.’ Lisa Musso, Sanctuary Rock Bar
‘Their stage show is, to be frank, a step up on what I’m used to seeing at this level, with enough fake blood and costumed murder diversions to make Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton stamp their feet and clap their gnarled, twisted little fingers’ Rawkus Events

“3-D” CD single promotion 1999 (out of stock)
“energetic hybrid……breaks down barriers of age and musical genre.. powerful modern rock” Dryslope Magazine .
A cool twist of powerful rock ,….stunning vocals Indiesounds.

“Dada” album album 2007 Now signed to Universal Italy
Signed to OXYD Universal Italy lst Jan 07
Every so often new music falls into our hands that we’re so blown away by we just have to share. Such is the case with Colin Waterson, the Glasgow born, blue-eyed soul singer whose debut album Dada is pure electro-heaven. Think Annie Lennox or Billie Ray Martin’s younger brother. Think Boy George and Alison Goldfrapp’s love child. The album is dramatic, both high BPMs and low. First single “Fa Fa Feel,” reminiscent of Goldfrapp, bounces along while his filtered vocals slowly build. On “Cool Connection” he sings “walk down the street, feel the heat, I’m electric.” Indeed he You’ll want to dance. Trust us. He’s part disco belter and part glam rocker. He’s also a torch singer. Although the upbeat, electro-pop gems on Dada are near perfect, it’s the slower parts of the record that truly show Waterson’s vocal prowess. Sad love songs are a dime a dozen, but they rarely sound this freaking cool. “Every Shade of Wrong” and “Can’t Go Back Again” are slow, moody, and complete with heartbreaking lyrics. You can hear the hurt in his voice and it’s a wonderful contrast to the over-produced pop and soulless dance music we gays consume in mass amounts.Very rarely does an artist’s style equally match his substance. Waterson’s accomplished just that. Dada delivers musically, lyrically, stylistically, and vocally. He looks goods and sounds even better. The album is now available in the US via iTunes. If you buy it, we’ll forgive you when you grab Paris Hilton’s album next month. Well, maybe we will. Queerty.com USA

A mixture of hip hop beats and electronic, the more you play it the more you like it Fa Fa Feel is excellent IBFM University of Burnley UK

mix of styles, Bowie like vocal and electro playing UCA RADIO University of Ayrshire

“Great track” White Whisper on playlist Smoke Radio University of Harrow UK

“Very cool funky .. very different” Bailrigg FM University of Lancaster UK

“Original and interesting” XPRESSION FM Exeter University UK

“Big mix of electro pop” spot plays for White Whisper KCC Live University of Liverpool Liverpool

“White Whisper, cool track” Luton FM Luton University UK

Signed to OXYD Universal Italy lst Jan 07

“Snowy Owl ep” 2007
Quite unlike anything else currently doin’ the rounds; genre blurring, boundary pushing, a pick-and-mix, Heinz 57 Varieties, all-sorts kinda thing that’s as brash as it is innovative.Taking in influences that seem to be as far-reaching as New Order to Frank Zappa, Yes My Ninjas? take no prisoners and make no apologies! Yes My Ninja? actually don’t just blur genre, they contort, they squeeze, they totally destroy whatever boundaries they come across and truly find a niche that’s scarily original and pretty mind-blowin’!! Yes My Ninjas?’ press pack tells of, “…music that is at times electro-pop and at other times crushingly heavy hardcore or intensely techy drum and bass.”!!!!! And that doesn’t tell half the story! Yes My Ninja? go to places that most artists wouldn’t even dream of visiting let alone dare to go to! And, the end result is remarkably compelling and quite amazing. This quite strangely titled, self-released album, ‘Snowy Owl’, is a total mind-fuck of aural surprises that test the imagination, challenge musical normality and push back frontiers of composition. Yes My Ninja? make a mockery of ‘pigeon-holing! This outfit really do defy ‘rhyme and reason’ but still manage to make this album something very special indeed. Ok, ‘Snowy Owl’ aint gonna be to everyone’s taste and I’m sure Yes My Ninja? are well aware of their limited market-place. But, they throw caution to the wind and stick two fingers up at pop banality to re-invent musical experimentation twenty-first century style – they put a new meaning to ‘innovation’ and simply go for it – big style! And, it’s absolutely superb!! ‘Snowy Owl’ from Yes My Ninja? is as different as it is wholesome. It’s a wondrous outing of modern music that’s full of twists and turns, a positive cacophony of inventive sound, texture and experience – remarkable in its audacity, stunning in its guile, suggestive, evocative, brazen, extremely challenging but massively entertaining – a real gem of contemporary musical experimentation and just fantastic all round! Peter J Brown aka toxic Toxic Pete 10 / 10

CD promotion 1998 (out of stock)

“This is my favourite album of the year so far, and worth 5 stars in anyone’s book. Highly Recommended” Powerplay . “This album defies the norm and sets new bounderies for the future”……”slaps you in the face like a can of Tango” GC Rocks .

“This is a truly original work, and a must for all darkwave techno fans” Hard Wired

“Pleasing thick and crunchy industrial thrash …..wouldn’t be out of place on Satan’s dance floor” Metal Hammer

“Zonei are leading lights of the impeding goth revival ” “….dark statement of intent, all wrapped up in mystical imagery” Rock Sounds

“Zonei have all the right ingrediants” Kerrang.

“What Is Done Is Done” 2016
“High on Speed” EP March 2015
“Alone” single March 2015
“Die For me” January 2015
***Nominated and winner of the price for best live, voted by volunteers, at the venue ”Kansas City”, Denmark