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The TripDown Project are an Alternative Rock Band from the North of England. Epic melodies, loud Guitars, thundering drums, bass and technology combine to create a powerful rock trio for the 21st century! “Swanky .. Love it. Got a nice swagger – found myself nodding my head. A good sign, even though it made me look like a tit! Superb – these boys can play! nice production too – nice chunky riffs cut through and vocally great” Kerrang From the ashes of Sheffield based Colorpool, Ritchie Chappell (Scunthorpe) and Jojo Blythe (Sheffield) formed The TripDown Project in 2009 originally as a song writing exercise. After a chance comment by a friend the TripDown boys were tempted back to the live scene and gigged initially as a 2 piece. The gigs were well received, and were always pretty wild affiars. With the addition of synths and samples the live sound has grown and the band seem to have more energy than ever! Bringing technology into the live setup has really helped The TripDown Project create a bigger, more powerful sound.In Late 2011 the TripDown Project signed with Holier than thou records and released their debut single Nothing But Envy within a matter of months. In early 2012, the band played their first gig with a new acquisition in the form of a bass player – Tim Pritchard, which further enhances the sound of the live set and should help carve the grooves of a moshing frenzy!! The TripDown Project released the 3 track EP My Condition in Mid 2012 followed by their latest EP release BodyHammer which came out in Jan2013. All of the tracks were recorded at TripDown Studios in Lincolnshire, the bands own studio where they continue to write, record and produce their own material as well as recording and producing other recording artists.The Tripdown Project are playing a brand new live show for 2015 across the UK and Holland.

“Post Modern Delay”
The critically acclaimed debut
released June 2015

Reviews for Post Modern Delay”

Judging by the fact that some of these songs were released as singles as far back as 2011, this Sheffield band have clearly not been tempted to rush-release their debit album.
The advantage of that is the aptly-titled Post Modern Delay sounds like a best of compilation of tried and tested crowd pleasers they’ve honed since forming five years ago. “My Condition” resembles The Wildhearts chewing on the remains of Feeder, all harmonies hooks and jump-start-my-heart urgency, while “Hiding From My Past” marries twangingly insistent riff with Foo Fighters- style grunge, crackling samples and arena shaking melodic clout. Tripdown Project’s time has finally come Classic Rock Magazine June 2014

UK ALT-ROCKERS ‘THE TRIPDOWN PROJECT’ UNLEASH STUNNING DEBUT ALBUM! Northern Alternative rock trio ‘The TripDown Project’ hurl out their breathtaking debut album ‘Post Modern Delay’ through Holier Than Thou Records on Monday 9th June through all stores.

With glowing comparisons to everyone from Nirvana to the Byrds, The TripDown Project pitch the bone-crushing power and dexterity of the Foo Fighters against the hooks of The Beach Boys; the result is something genuinely original and captivating. Born from the ashes of Sheffield rockers ‘Colorpool’, Ritchie Chappell (Drums, Percussion and Vocals) and Jojo Blythe (Guitars, Synths, Bass and Vocals) formed The TripDown Project during 2009 as a vehicle for their songwriting. After a flurry of praise from friends and acquaintances, the TripDown boys were coaxed to the live arena and were swiftly blown away by people’s responses. The two-piece soon decided to pursue the band further, drafting Tim Pritchard in on live bass and adding synths and samples to further enhance their live sound. It wasn’t long before Holier Than Thou Records snapped up the band, and within a matter of months, they released their debut single “Nothing But Envy” to widespread support from the underground. In mid 2012, the industrious three-piece continued their climb with the release of their new three track EP “My Condition”, which was quickly followed by their next EP ‘BodyHammer’. Both records helped to ready The TripDown Project to break into the scene. Now, armed with their full length debut ‘Post Modern Delay’, the alt-rockers are braced for heady heights. The album kicks off with the hugely melodic ‘My Condition’ which instantly sparks to life with its driving guitars and absorbing vocal melodies. The bouncy groove of ‘Body Hammer’ is next up, as it tips its hat to the guile and craft of Nirvana, while ‘The Great Kill’ highlights the trio’s use of strong dynamics and expansive texturing. As the album progresses, ‘Consider It Done’ fantastically spits out a head-grabbing refrain that’ll cement itself deep within before the irrepressible ‘Chain Gang’ delivers another impossibly contagious track that is surely ripe for radio airwaves. By the time the scathing tuneage of the final track ‘Combat Nation’ hits the eardrums, listeners will be thirsty for more. The rising threesome have delivered a killer album that is sure to rapidly rise their stock amongst the UK rock fraternity. Look out for the band live through the Summer and beyond! Planet Mosh

The TripDown Project are a trio from the north of England. Richie Chappell and Jojo Blythe, both ex ‘Colorpool’, formed The TripDown Project in 2009. After the release of their first single, ‘Nothing But Envy’ they went on to release two EP’s, ‘Post Modern Delay’ is their first full length album. The guys claim Muse, Nirvana and Foo Fighters amongst others as influences I would also list The Wildhearts. It is easy to hear bits and pieces from these bands as you listen but the band make this music their own. From start to finish the rock never stops, constantly changing direction and keeping you on your toes. Beginning with ‘My Condition’ the album springs into life after a quick burst of ‘astronaut speech’. Throughout the album the slightly discordant sound, the twists and turns and unexpected musical sections all make for a great listen. Most of the tracks have a 70’s vibe but track 7, ‘Chain Gang’, is a bit more punky and the vocals to me are reminiscent of Matt Caughthran from ‘The Bronx’, which can only be a good thing. This track is my favourite. This is a very well played and powerful album. It is described on the accompanying biog as a ‘killer album’, I agree, it is well worth a listen. Get Ready To Rock! ”

…a haze of old school melody, modernized for those wanting a flavour of what it was like when flower power was the world’s motto. Like The Byrds, but on steroids, the dreamy vocals of Jojo Blythe are a perfect match for the uplifting sensation the 3-piece have created with bass and guitar working in harmony” Hit The floor Webzine

Opener My Condition is a sign to inform the listener that Post Modern Delay isn’t holding back from high speed. They play their music very fast, it’s incredibly energetic. Bodyhammer is very reminiscent of The Presidents Of The United States of America’s catchy tune Lump and is one of the best songs from the album with its fast bass, catchiness, and brings back good party memories.

Consider It Done is another a highlight that is able to change up the record with vocals being heavier than previous tracks. The Foo Fighters influenced style is impressive; the vocal flair with the bass beat make this a definite ruler of the airwaves. Next, we head straight into Chain Gang – this band do not let up with the speed, while lyrics that accompany the pace “Free myself or see you on the other side” make this one a strong contender for favourite. Jojo Blythe stretches his vocal chords while challenging Tim Pritchard on bass and Ritchie Chappell on drums to keep up and they certainly do. Towards the end of the album Nothing But Envy arrives with the old school rock style, with a certain hook that reminds me of the Beach Boys. This sound is homage to not taking yourself too damn seriously in life. Enjoy what you are doing – and I’m definitely enjoying this song. Three experienced musicians with the energy of an energized bunny have invented a sound that would trap many listeners and if this is half of what they sound like live then you should definitely head to a show.

The TripDown Project is love in a field; eyes closed while the flowers blossom, arms spread out with fingers stretching, spinning around to feel the sun on your face.  Metal Mouth

Starting the album off is “My Condition” and if I hadn’t been told this band is from Northern England I would have sworn that they were American.  Slick, layered vocals, a driving riff, great solo and a solid bassline all add up to a great song that just makes me smile when I hear it.  There’s something about this song that makes me think of sunny days and as they aren’t that common here that might be why I keep thinking they’re an American band!  Very good choice for the first track.

“Bodyhammer” begins with a nice bass intro before breaking into a raw sounding riff that Dave Grohl wouldn’t be ashamed to call his own.  Guitars and bass work perfectly together on this very catchy track with a vocal that could have come straight from The Presidents Of The United States of America.  If you think “Lump”, you won’t be too far away vocally.  One of my favourites from this album.

“The Great Kill” is the current video doing the rounds on YouTube and is a good indication of the album.  Give it a listen there but bear in mind that, in my opinion anyway, it’s not one of the best tracks here.  By no means bad but due to the quality of the album as a whole I feel there are other tracks I would have released first.  Great solo though.

“Consider It Done” has a lighter feel to the guitars and a more raw edge to the vocals and I can definitely see this as a hit if it’s given a chance.  Catchy as anything and with great musicianship on display this could work well as a soundtrack too.  Love it! Straightforward, up tempo and effective would be a good way to describe “Heavy Motion”, while “Shimmer” feels like it would be especially good live, having lots of opportunity for crowd singing along and once again, it’s very catchy. “Nothing But Envy” makes good use of the excellent backing vocals and the subtle use of the keyboards is a nice touch.  And who can dislike any song that has bongos in it?  Another live favourite I’m sure.

The album closes on “Combat Nation” which is heavier both musically and also lyrically.  Possibly that’s why it’s another one of my favourites – it’s one of those tracks that makes you turn it up that bit more.  As all the tracks here, it’s catchy with a great riff and will have you singing along in no time. The TripDown Project were a new band for me and I have to say it was a pleasant surprise to listen to this album.  Not quite a classic but certainly plenty here to enjoy and I welcome more from this band in the future.  I think there’s some great music here and with a bit of luck and some good timing they could just get the success they deserve.

Starting off in 2009 as a dual piece, The TripDown Project thenadded Tim Pritchard and began operative on new material. The Northern England trio’s influences accost from eras of strain such as The Byrds afterwards to Foo Fighters and Nirvana. Their passion has finally led to a recover of entrance manuscript Post Modern Delay.  Opener My Condition is a pointer to surprise a listener that Post Modern Delay isn’t holding behind from high speed. They play their strain really fast, it’s impossibly energetic. Bodyhammer is really suggestive of The Presidents Of The United States of America’s catchy balance Lump and is one of a best songs from a manuscript with a quick bass, catchiness, and brings behind good celebration memories. Consider It Done is another a prominence that is means to change adult a record with vocals being heavier than prior tracks. The Foo Fighters shabby character is impressive; a outspoken aptitude with a drum kick make this a clear ruler of a airwaves. Next, we conduct true into Chain Gang – this rope do not let adult with a speed, while lyrics that accompany a gait “Free myself or see we on a other side” make this one a clever contender for favourite. Jojo Blythe stretches his outspoken chords while severe Tim Pritchard on drum and Ritchie Chappell on drums to keep adult and they positively do. Towards a finish of a manuscript Nothing But Envy arrives with a aged propagandize stone style, with a certain offshoot that reminds me of a Beach Boys. This sound is loyalty to not holding yourself too damn severely in life. Enjoy what we are doing – and I’m really enjoying this song. Three gifted musicians with a appetite of an energized bunny have invented a sound that would trap many listeners and if this is half of what they sound like live afterwards we should really conduct to a show.

‘Adding to the handful of striking and rousing singles we are looking at is a pair released on the excellent Holier Than Thou Records label. First is ROAD KILLING from British outfit THE TTP_RingMasterReviewTRIPDOWN PROJECT. Hailing from the UK’s North East, the trio of guitarist JoJo, drummer Ritch, and bassist Tim have a sound tagged as alternative rock but as ROAD KILLING shows, it has a much bolder character than that. The single strolls along with the boisterous catchiness of seventies power pop and the mischievous character of Supergrass, a tenacious mix which just ignites a physical grin to match that nurtured in the imagination. It is a riveting and ridiculously persuasive offering soon inspiring jumping feet and the contribution of vocal chords to its contagious epidemic of sound.’ Ringmaster Reviews October 2016

England based The Tripdown Project released their first full length album Post Modern Delay last month and it’s a refreshing blend of 90′s grungy rock with some current day synths thrown in. The lead singer is clearly influenced by the 90′s and the music is all the better for it! I love that they go for the hook and then give it a kinky twist which makes it unique but never really far from the original intention.The video is for the single Bodyhammer and showcases exactly why the band are awesome. An album review will follow later this month… Higher Plain Music

This is an exceedingly strong debut; as Mr. Kippling would say, not least a refreshing change. If they take the energy they have bottled up here on the album, then their live shows must be tremendous as the energy flows. Rock Regeneration

…also new interview in Vents Manazine

“My Condition” debuted by Alex Baker Kerrang Radio April 24th 2014

ITUNES BUYER  REVIEW Just discovered these guys and have to say the opening track is killer and makes me want to jump around and into things!!! Second track Shimmer has a great chorus and bounces along very nicely and the final track bleeding is a fantastic musical ride with lots of different sections – all great guitar driven rock! Really look forward to hearing some more stuff by these guys!