New Mown Hay

New album out now ‘Fallen’
New Mown Hay Fallen Holier Than Thou Records

New Mown Hay, Electronic music composer, encompassing light and dark experimental vibration and down-step beats. Originally from the UK moved to France, previous incarnations include being the head chef on the Orient Express and a luxury yacht now he’s working as a music composer and collaborating with producer The Inconsistent Jukebox.

October 2015 single Release “Changeling”
Remixed and produced by The Inconsistent Jukebox
Vocals Luciole Langevine

Changeling electronic music by New Mown Hay and The Inconsistent Jukebox

May 2015 single release “Sunshine” Produced by The Inconsistent Jukebox


June 2014 single release “Sunshine” original single version



March 2013 EP release “Communion”