Girl Gone Bad

Girl Gone Bad are a Rock band from Sheffield, England. With Debbie Bilson on Vocals and Bass and Abbey Rogers on Bass and Vocals. Ainsley Stones plays Guitar and writes the music. 

So what do Girl Gone Bad do? Rock and Roll. Unapologetic, energetic, loud and sassy. Think Motorhead but photogenic, all blues-infused and with tons of swagger. There’s more than a dash of early 70s Glam Rock in there and some dark Sabbath-y overtones too. It’s all designed to give you a big, life-affirming slap in the chops in the way that AC/DC do, and get your backside moving along to thunderous tunes in seconds.

Signed to Holier Than Thou for their high-quality original songs, Girl Gone Bad are also happy to play Rock covers spanning the early 70s to the present. Visit 

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Single Release ‘Long Car’
On release  August 6th 2020


Single Release ‘Flying With The Devil’
Released November 11th

Punchy attitude hits you hard. The pop of crunchy bass chords brings defiance needed to get over a lover whilst the grungy echoes pacify this harsh piece providing comfort not only to the rhythm but to Henrietta. Yet, a distorted guitar solo just adds to the creepy and self-remorseful sound. Light and shade are executed well through the band’s conviction to create an empowering track that contemplates the emotions behind the end of a relationship ……. The power Henrietta is solid and sultry. Contrary to much modern rock, you will find some hefty guitar solos with a guitar line leads backing a short yet provoking message. RGM Press

“….Loving what this band do” Way Out Radio

“…burrows itself deep into your pores with its unshakeable hypnotic groove which calls to mind both ‘Queens Of The Stone Age” Creation Press

“..infectiousness and warm harmonies, these aligned to increasingly steely textures from Stones. It is contagious stuff..”Ringmaster Reviews

“..Dark Sky Park are a breath of fresh air…they have created a sound that is unique..”Ramzine

“..There is a good display of vocal range, with some high note and layered harmonies in the chorus. The chord based and distorted guitar solo just adds to the creepy sound, which really just lives up to the bands name..” Mosh HitTheFloor

“..Kudos to Dark Sky Park for creating a consistent and good E.P. Great song-writing with great potential.” Midlands Rocks

“Beautiful melodies fused with haunting vocal and supported by a chunky hard rock rhythm” Spotify Lover