Sovereign Son

Sovereign Son are:
Marc Malone – Vocals/Guitar 
Josh Ruiz – Drums
Sergio Campos – Bass

The saying goes: Bad times create strong people. Strong people create good times. Good times create weak people. Weak people create bad times.

Humanity may be destined to repeat this cycle forever, but the night is always darkest just before dawn. Sovereign Son is a return to what our culture was built on. What has made humanity shine through the darkest nights. What Metal was built on. The sovereignty of the individual. Non conformity in a time where conformity is commonplace.

The band is a blend of two areas that have defined the sounds of musical history. Singer/Guitarist Marc Malone hails from the Home of Heavy Metal in Birmingham, England with Josh Ruiz and Sergio Campos being California locals. Shaped entirely in the greater Los Angeles area – Sovereign Son brings you the nostalgic Metal sound you grew up listening to with the current sound of the 21st century.

Music written with one thing in mind: Hope. Hope that we will stumble our way through the darkness into the light. Screaming in the face of adversity with prolific guitars, grounding bass, thunderous drums and poignant lyrics with razor sharp vocals.

Their debut single ‘Fractured Pictures’, echoes the war cry when suffering with intrusive thoughts and anxiety.


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New single ‘Fractured Pictures’
Release date September 9th 

Soveriegn Son

“Nice production, good cross between Alt and Metal. I love his voice!” – Timothy J, Total Rock Radio. 

“I love their music!” – Jordonna, Rock & Research Magazine

“This is THE modern day heavy metal.. Great” – Bods Mayhem Hour