Music Promotion Service

Who are Holier Than Thou Records?
Holier Than Thou Records is a rock and metal music promotion company, launched  in 1995 with a double page spread in the Kerrang magazine and various featured cover-mounts in Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Rock Sound.

Promotion and release highlights include: Johnny Wore Black and David Ellefson (Megadeath)  Uli Jon Roth ( Scorpions), Trevor Bolder (Uriah Heep & Bowies Spiders from Mars) Stevie Jones (UK Subs), Never The Bride, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, JOANovARC (all girl rock band Xbox 360 notoriety with 3 tracks on Rock Band), NG26 (Rich Shaw now with Cradle of Filth), Super Super (Cheap Tricks main touring band), ClassX (Canada) and Aggressive Chill (reaching number 2 in the  Swedish iTunes charts). Live support promotions with Motorhead, Him, Feeder, Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions) and One Minute Silence. We now represent dynamic genre of high quality rock bands and artists including The Dust Coda, Dreamsphere, The Senton Bombs, Torous, The Lost Poets and Sonny Jim.

How do you promote music?
We select your tracks for single releases to distribute through the label, once the distribution is set up we launch the campaign via an EPK into rock radio which includes streaming the song download option biog images and social links. Each EPK is emailed individually (no mass emails) then follow up every 4 or 5 days and  email your progress every other Friday.  We deal with around 50 to 60 stations at one time. We exclusively promote rock and metal so music teams know what to expect when they see the HTT Records EPK. For successful media impact we advice that new artists should issue singles to radio every few months.

What are the cost for radio promotion
We will only charge for the plugging of a single as we employ staff to to help with distribution and follow up. Our label service  is funded through commission splits either through digital sales and/or publishing (TV Film etc).
Our fee for each single release is £395, campaign runs for 8 weeks.

Why not work on purely commissions?
We are firstly a music promotion service, the label holds our catalogue of releases and is funded through commission splits either through digital sales and/or publishing (TV Film etc). The point is that music needs promotion and streaming commissions for new bands cannot fund quality promotion.

Bands can easily release their own music?
It’s very easy to release and sit on iTunes, Spotify etc. However the distributors work on multi genre volume and some releases will make money for them, the point is  large distributors need a continued supply of new artists. We are selective, genre specific and have an interest in developing your music. We advise on song choice and campaign direction whilst taking the artists opinions on board, reaching a balance to maintain long term growth, artistic goals and brand development. 

Label Digital Distribution Holier Than Thou Records (Rock/Metal)
If required, we provide ISRC, UPC  and US billboard chart registration.

Publishing HTT Music Publishing PRS and PPL (UK) and Sound Exchange USA

Contact us and send links to your music unfortunately we do not except CDs or attached files.

Thanks for your visit.
David Begg (label owner/Manager)